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Published: 25 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I hare visiting from Brazil and always thought gray Hound was a Professional Service Company… I WAS WRONG!!! COMPANY STEALS YOU BAGS AND SOME EMPLOYEES TOO. BRAZILIANS and travelers beware.. Do Not Travel With Gray Hound ANYWHERE!!! Não viaje via esta empressa de onibus. Sao muito irresponsaveis e roubao suas malas.. I was traveling from Miami to Dallas on Dec 3rd 2015 with stops in Orlando and Austin. I checked my bag on Miami. Got my bag in Orlando and rechecked to Austin. Got to Dallas and no bag. This bag has ask my documents, CPAC machine, and other thing not to mention all my clothes. My bag has a luggage tag but the guy never have me the stub… I’ve been trying to get this bag back and only one person is willing to help my. This guy is at the Dallas baggage has hisbhabds tied. If I was the presudent I would put him on charge of the company..Mr. D.. is very helpful but has no recourse to help. I’ve called the Miami and the stops along the route and nothing. No answer to 5 situaion. THEY ARE WORTHLESS OUT THERE.!!!! from reading on the forums it looks like they have a system set up in place to fast bags from clients. Of you don’t get the tag you don’t get your bag. They keep the tag to know who had no recourse to the bags. You call them and put in a complain and youb have to wait up to 90 days. Ayer 90 days ago brags go to central auction, they are cleaned out and are sent there with out valuables. I cane from Brazil and the items in my bag are not cheap. The insurance only pays 200 for loss. That is nothing to what I’m losing like all the others. 200 dollars is a just getting you face put in steer s***.. I have asked to go to the warehouse and no one knows where it is.. they have no number to it, it is like AREA 51. A SECRET LOCATION IN THE DESERT!!! This is pure incompetent ans this company should have its CEO and Presidents removed immediately. Put Mr D. in charge and guarantee you it will get changes.. If we can open a class action suit I will lead the wsy. In Brazil this would never happen.. and youbsay this is a first world country with a company like this. I would not spend my money in this company.

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