Grid Property Management, LLC

Grid Property Management, LLC

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Published: 08 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Regarding Grid Property Management & the ongoing issues & a Message Sent to them: | thank you for emailing me about these things. i did get side tracked because you and your team have made things really rather challenging this far so. that being said perhaps if i can find any others who meet those 2 matters then they should be no reason for you to reject their application from Pursuing an arrangement with me due to race or economic abilities to as you say make 3x times the rent. Let this email Bear written record and proof of the inhumanities that i and others have endured due to the changing of the guard as they say. Let also this be an opportunity for You & your team to Learn public Relations Graces. & For me to be able to come up in the world and in the matters of Roommates because far be it from me to have a roommate if i had the means to do otherwise but Since that this at this time is not the case then Let Grid not Obstruct the process of replacing my last roommate with a Far better suited one. There should not be so much of an issue i say if the bill is getting paid with legal tender and there are not side-arm issues of such things as problems with my neighbor relations or other matters that i would eve agree would be grounds for my departure. I have always endeavored to pay my bills on time. I have never been a problem with my landlords or my neighbors and I see no Reason Why my new Landlords should be a problem either. because could we not agree that it would be more Profitable and Less Lucrative if Methods of Gentrification and other discriminatory class-ist choices were not employed? If we (meaning everyone involved) were to just be willing to work together that way neither I Nor your team has to have a bad taste in our mouths over these matters. further more I have only agreed. on the terms you have above specified if willing to be civil learn to listen and handle with a matter of professionalism the matters at hand. Over the Course of your tenure as a company and as an individual with in that company I must say that i have been Greatly Dismayed about So Very Much. & you haven’t even had this property in your presence for that long. Either Way I myself am a beyond reasonable person even when others are not. So it is with this that I will do my Best to grant those terms but as Grid is seemingly obstructing justice and progress at this point it does put me in a unique place of having way more of a time in being able to honor the 30 days you ask for when in fact i was not give 30 days knowledge of your acquisition of this property. so that in exactness this property was sold as per property management sakes right out from underneath the tenants already in the roost. Further more regarding the Tenant that is bring all kinds of drug activity and paraphernalia and the like all around the complex and not refraining from the criminal activities and where as i have been complaining of this one fact for an entire month since your agency has taken over both before and during your tenure combined and since this was never address before hand by Gateway Property Management i should say that there are as well landlord tenant laws on this. My Thing is if Grid will operate with policies that are fair and equal and honorable then we should have no issue but if not then i should have to protect myself and my invested interests by taking matters to higher authorities. Let this Response also stand as proof that i have done ALL that i can do first in order to refrain from and unnecessary court appointment. Because it would be far better if We (grid & co plus me) could just sort out or own matters don’t you think? With that i wonder about the convenience of your temporary out of the office occasion with regard to matters like this one and this 6-plex that i live within. I also am agreed here forward that as long as your request and mine are going to be honored to commit my best to the process.

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