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Published: 13 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Our particular bad experience with the Grip Truck Girl company becomes anecdotal when compared to the fact that the “company” is a total fake in itself; unlicensed, unregistered and legally inexistent. To make things clear with a simple analogy: Imagine that you go to a doctor and you get diagnosed and prescribed some meds. Then you find out the doctor was fake, he/she had no medical degree, no license to practice and is not registered as a practitioner anywhere. Would you complain about the “quality” of the diagnosis or rather about the fact that you were scammed by an impostor claiming to be an MD? Now you got the point. This “business” is actually a shady single person, by the name of Radhika Mallick, operating out of her living room. My attorney’s investigation confirmed that she is not a licensed commercial vehicle dealer or broker. Her pseudo business “Grip Truck Girl” is not licensed or registered with the State of California or the City of Los Angeles and she has never filed a tax return under her DBA. She has no legal or technical background on anything related to grip vehicles or grip equipment. Her real connection to the film industry is rather marginal; she sews green screens per request for some sale/rental equipment companies. When she learns that some production company is trying to sell its trucks/lights, she starts illegally advertising the equipment and contacting potential buyers posing as a broker/agent hoping to get a commission. LEGAL NOTE: In the state of California, when dealing with commercial vehicles, neither can you give pricing information, nor can you represent yourself as a broker/agent, without being a licensed operator; and this is to protect consumers. .

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