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Their staff is full of buffoons

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Published: 26 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I’m sharing my experience with Groome Transportation because there isn’t much about them online. And it’s important for others to be aware of this company’s real work ethic and its attitude towards its customers. I hope my review will help you get a better idea of these people’s professionalism.

I had hired Groome Transportation for my entire staff. I was organizing a corporate event and I needed to transport my 50+ employees. I thought I’ll hire these guys because they had a decent number of positive reviews. But my experience with these people was terrible. They ruined the event for me and my company. They also made me realize how the internet is full of liars and deceivers.

I had made a reservation with these people 3 weeks before the event. The formalities weren’t much and I completed them all quickly, like sharing the date, the venue and the group size. At that time, I didn’t face any problem with these people.

When the day of the event arrived, I saw their true face. The bus arrived 3 hours late!!! I called them hundreds of times to find out where is my freaking transport and they simply replied with “it’s on the way, sir”. Add to that, the bus was in terrible condition. In fact, travelling on that bus felt worse than waiting for it. It was smelly, it’s shockers were kind of broken and it made a lot of noise. I couldn’t believe they sent such a bus to corporate transportation!

I called their representative to share my disgust regarding the means of transport. The representative told me it was all they had and if I had made an appointment earlier, I wouldn’t have to face these hassles. Who talks to their customers that way? I’ve been in business for more than a decade and I can tell these people are unbearable. They had already taken a huge sum from me. I cancelled by staff’s return trip with these guys when I got there.

I had to find and hire another transporter but amazingly, the return trip was much better than the one with Groome Transportation. The people at Groome Transporation are unprofessional, careless and disgusting. They charge a lot of extra and don’t deliver what they promised. Their staff is full of buffoons who only do the work because they have to.

First, they charged me a lot more than any other transporter. Then, they sent the bus late and not by a few minutes but by 3 hours. Lastly, they sent a bus which wasn’t even working properly. It’s clear that these people don’t take their customers seriously. If you’re planning a trip with your employees, follow my advice, avoid these people.

We reached the event late, we were exhausted and most of us got backaches. The trip was supposed to be good but instead, it became one of the worst ones. And it’s all because of these nonsensical people. If I had a little idea of Groome Transportation’s quality of service I would have never bought their service.

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