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This store is selling counterfeit Rolexes and fake jewellery

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Published: 29 April 2019

Posted by: Florence R. Gess

I went to the Grunos to buy a Rolex for my dad’s 60th birthday. I went there because they had a black Friday sale on their shop according to which for spending $2,500 I could have gotten an iPad for free. I thought that I was gonna spend a lot of money so I might as well get some kind of additional benefits as well. They showed me around 4 Rolexes, from which I chose the one with diamonds on its rim and it was a gold watch. The watch looked gorgeous and I bought it from them for around $12,300. I gifted the watch to my dad however, in all the excitement I didn’t realize that there was no fucking paperwork of the watch. There was simply no proof that the Rolex that I bought for more than 12 grand was real or not! The store didn’t provide me with any proof of the authenticity of the watch. When my dad asked me to show him the proof, I realized my mistake. I went to the store the next day and the sales guy who sold me the watch said that the watch is authentic and when I asked him about the paperwork, he simply dodged my question. He clearly didn’t have the proper paperwork for the Rolex, there is a high chance that the Rolex was even fake because there was no fucking proof of it being original. I asked the sales person to give me a refund for the watch or give me proof of its authenticity. He said that he cannot give me the refund because I don’t have the paperwork for the watch. WHAT THE FUCK DUDE!! I had the receipt of the purchase and that was all the paperwork that these smartasses gave me! They were simply telling me that they will just keep my 12 grand and not take their fake watch back. I asked him to take me to the manager. And he was the worst behaving manager I have ever seen in my life. He just implied that the Rolex is real and avoided the real questions. Please avoid going to Grunos if you want ANYTHING real. This store is selling counterfeit Rolexes and fake jewellery. You might find it hard to believe that a store which markets itself as one of the best ones in the are is stealing money from its customer, but that is the harsh truth. If you do decide to buy from them, then I would advise you to record the whole sales procedure and make sure that you get the faces of those guys, because you are going to need evidence if you are doing transactions with these money hoggers. Also get a disposition signed from the salesman, because they are very quick when it comes to changing opinions and lying. And the courtroom only sees the evidence. Or you can simply just avoid Grunos and keep such bullshit away from your life.

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