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Published: 17 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Several months ago I ordered an anti-aging cream from GSCM Fulfillment for a month trial basis. The next thing I knew I was chared 39.99 on my debit card for items, which I did not order, another anti-aging cream and a Revitol eye cream. Neither of these items worked at all and I finally decided to have another shipment that I received, again whichI did not order, returned. I had a very difficult time finding a phone number to reach them and when I finally did I was hung up on twice and finally after being very, very persistent and not letting them put me on hold againi demanded to removed from their service and theythen gave me a huge return id number to return the product but were unwilling to only reimberse me for part of the money. I did not halt and told them they must reimburse for the full amount. I mailed the item on 3/10/2015 and as of today I still have not received my refund. I called them back today after receiving another unwanted or ordered Revitol eye cream. Demanding my money back from this item and the one previously shipped. They refused to email me a postage paid shipping label for the new item or to confirm that the other item had been returned to the return shipping manager. I gave them the tracking number for the previous item shipped and they said it would take 3 to 5 days to received them money even after I had been told that I would get the money returned within 10 days of arrival. That did not happen! Now I must pay again to try to get my money back from another unwanted item which they again only wanted to return a partial payment, which I refused to let happen. I have found out that this is happening like a plague with customers across the country and I am planning on contacting my state Attorney General to see if he can confer with the U.S. Attorney General to get an investigation into this company. .

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