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Published: 11 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

On Tuesday June 10, 2014 I went to Guaranteed Auto Inc. to purcase a vehicle. I asked to test drive the best looking SUV on the very small -to be in business for the amount of time- car lot. The lying, Scam artist, Salesman Gary said oh no we don’t allow our cars to be test driven until approval. Very strange but Pars Cars does the same thing so I completed the contract, insisted on receiving the car fax report finnaly got it then gave up $500 cash. Then I asked again to get the keys to the 2003 Black Lexus RX 300. Gary said yeah just make sureyou check the windows, lights ect… Just DO NOT put the Lexus in reverse. I replied what do you mean don’t put it in reverse?? Gary said because there’s no Transmission in the Suv or that it didn’t work and we’ve orded a brand new one to put in it. I said Well I guess we have no sale and I need my money back because I didn’t give up my money for a car that doesn’t work or to leave here without the Lexus tonight. Then he said well you can’t get your money back but just give me a minute let me ask the owner if I can’t get you into a loaner until we fix the Suv by this Friday. So he came and place me into a old Dog smelly dirty 2001 Hunda Van and assured me it’s only until this Friday. Well needless to say Friday never came. So every week they had a new bazaar lie as to why my Lexus still hasn’t been fixed. So 3 Sundays later at 10pm I was pulled over by Atlanta police who after running my license said that the temp paper tag Gary placed on the Van was typed up for the Lexus , and it was a fake temp tag he had printed off the computer, and there were no registration for the vaa which made the van illegal to be on the highway. So I emeadately called Gary on his cell and placed him on speaker with the office who repeated this to Gary who replied well I guess it’s a ticket for invalid or improper tag. Basically saying well just give her a ticket, why is she calling me? Then he added well we don’t have no tag for that loaner. And the officer said yes you do y’all have dealer tags to place on it. And Gary said no we don’t then said she can just bring it back. I said sure but I will need my Lezus or my money back when I do that’s when Gary hung up in my face. So the officer saidma’am if there were a ticket or fine I could write for the car lot I would but since it would only affect you in not going to writemany tickets but it sounds like a real shady business and you need to find out what’s going on real quick. So that following morning I called the car lot demanding answers as to why I was giving fake tags improper tags and requesting my Luxus or money back ASAP they cursed me out in moreways then one telling me that’s why your credit score is only so and so and won’t no one else finance you ect….. Then hung up in my face refusing my calls or to give me my Suv or money and that night they came and stole the loaner back and tore up my lawn really bad by dragging the van across itbot get it out from behind my boyfriend’s car. It had all our belongings in the van which they refuse to return. So I call the same Sergeant I had been conversing with since the 2nd week of still having not fixed my Suv. And he hadtold me how they’ve had to arrest the owner of the car lot and how they are always out there behind a customer getting scammed and they are running an illegitimate business however it was a civil matter. There’s much more to this story but it’s going on a month and they have $741.00 of my money yet refuses to give me my Suv or my money. On that First Friday according to the pay schedule they had me pay them more money going towards the down payment they said and two days after they took the loaner I was schadditions make my third payment to them so had I never complained to them about the tag issues andthem lying about fixing the Lexus I would have still been making payments for a car I’d never take possession of while still driveing and basically renting the loaner from then which is all against the law but somehow they have been getting away with theses scams for so long it comes easy for then. I a will be suing them for every dime I can get from them. .

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