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Steer away from these leeches!

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Published: 06 July 2019

Posted by: Lula

Guaranteed rate has been running for the past four years and Shant Banosian is seen as the top loan originator in the U.S according to the stats on the company website. When you search on the internet you will find great reviews just like me and my husband did. We were very impressed with the number of loans closed and when we were looking for a home ourselves we trusted guaranteed rate for it. This was probably the biggest mistake of my life. Had we known that it was such a scamming company we never would have invested our hard earned money. They very well know how to target and which audience to target and take money from them. When we were looking for a house, we met an employee of the company and we were so happy to hear that we would be getting the GSFA grant a very low down payment on the loan that we were interested in. We were very happy with the thought of saving some money; little did we know that it was bait set by them for us. We did not look for any other options and stuck to this one as the down payment was really low and they guaranteed us on our loans. But as soon as we received the lending estimate it was much higher than the initial one that we discussed. After several phone calls with higher officials, they promised us to check on this matter. We had chosen the house of our choice, but the loan was not being passed and the closing date was nearing. At last we were told to pay 5% down payment and the full closing tops to get the loan approved. This is what we had signed up for, they made sure that we had no other choice and we somehow stuck on to them and waited for the right time to make us pay. Horrible and frustrating experience, please stay away from these leeches if you want to save your money and time!

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