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Yelp Scam

I paid Guaranteed Removals,, to remove Yelp complaints for my business. It turns out all they did was flag them, which I have already done myself. It was a waste of my time even hiring them. They only got 1 out of ~20 complaints removed. They pretended like they had some special technique to get all the complaints off…they lied. Guaranteed Removals is a scam.

I did find a guy that was able to completely remove my Yelp listing though, which was much cheaper than Guaranteed Removals was trying to charge me to remove specific complaints.

And by the way, Guaranteed Removals positive testimonials seem to be fake, I noticed a lot of duplicates and very similar word choices. I wouldn’t trust this company.

If you want to get rid of your Yelp complaints, all you can do is flag them yourself. Don’t pay a company to do it for you. Or, hire a company to remove the whole page.

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