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Published: 20 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Hi, i was at this “clinic” yesterday because i cut myself, nothing serius just needed few stitches and i didn’t wanted to go to the hospital for something like cut on my thumb. so i called this place GUIDEWELL EMERGECY DOCTORS. and aks how much it would be for a few stiches, so the lady SAID the visits start at $160, so my wife ask the lady on the phone ( we were on speaker ) so the $160 covers the stitches? and the lady replies yes, if something else is needes the prices goes up. and my wife ask again but the stitchces are cover for the $160 price ? and the lady on the phone said yes, if you need x rays or an MRI the price will be higher. so we went. we filled up the paper work and they took me into one of the rooms, a lady came in took my blood presure a doctor comes in look at my cut and said you need stitches. really? the doctor said i will be back, 30 seconds later a lady comes in and tell me it’s going to be $560. so i look at my wife like WHAT? So i asked why $560 when the lady at the phone said $160? and the lady said to us, because you need stitches you are at level 2 and that’s $560 so we explain to her what the other person told us over the phone. and she went out and came back few minutes later with a second lady. the second lady tell us again abou the level 2 and the $560 so we explain to her of what we been told over the phone so both went out again to talk to the manager, came back and tell me, you need to pay only $160 but you are not getting treatment. so i asked what exactly i’m paying for? and she replies the consult cost $160. and i said what consult ? the only thing you guys dis was taking my blood pressure ? she apologize like a thousand times. and told us that they will speak with the employee who answer the phone but i need the to pay the $160. so i did paid and left bleeding, they charged me $160 for taking my blod pressure and a mistake they made. i did no have any issue payin the “level 2” $560, but i don’t think is fair i have to pay for their mistakes. they make me feel like a customer never a patient. i just wonder if they put in their mission statemen OUR MISSION IS TO TAKE OUR CUSTOMER MONEY. this has been the worst customer service and the most expensive blood pressure testing in my life. i just want to share this ripoff experience. .

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