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Published: 18 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The website claims to sell guitars from popular manufacturers. Of course this company is based in China which is not perfectly evident by the website itself. Long story short they make counterfeit guitars and sell them as the real thing. I bought a fake Ibanez RGIR20FEL from them. It is hard for me to find left handed guitars anywhere and when I thought I found the guitar of my dreams in a left handed version I was struck with glee. After I ordered the guitar the customer service people e-mailed me and said they were out of stock with the guitar and to wait about ten days for them to make it up. This should have been my first clue that something was amiss. Why would they want to make the guitar? The standard and Iron Label Ibanez line guitars are made in Indonesia not in China. When confronted with this the customer service representative assured me the guitar was legitimate. Some time went by and I finally received the guitar. After opening it I knew right away the guitar was not genuine. There was so many things wrong with it. There was conflicting specifications all down the guitar. The specs on the website were copied directly off the Ibanez website and pasted to their website. The neck was a 5 piece maple when it was supposed to be a 3 piece maple/bubinga. The pickups were supposed to be EMG 81/60 but were some cheap passive style with EMG covers on them. There was supposed to be a kill switch and one volume knob but had one volume, one tone and no kill switch. One of the pickups didn’t even work. I bought the guitar from them using PayPal. I filed a dispute with them and immediately got a response that the company would not let me return the guitar for a refund. I raised the dispute to a claim and PayPal ruled in my favor and forced the company to return my money so long as I returned their counterfeit guitar. I got all my money back plus the shipping costs the company charged me to have them ship the guitar in the first place. I ended up having to pay to ship the guitar back to them which was the same amount it took them to ship it to me but that was okay considering I got the vast majority of my money back. In all it was a terrible experience and from now on I will be very careful on where I shop for guitars. Also PayPal is a great company since they have buyer protection. It definitely helped me in this situation. .

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