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The doctors and the management staff were a total flop.

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Published: 24 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

As you age, your face tends to change a lot, and for most of us, not in a good way. The forehead lines become prominent along with the wrinkles. The cheeks swell out and the beauty kinda decreases. I couldn’t bear all the flaws in my face because I was just 37 and all of these imperfections disturbed me a lot. I got almost no likes on Tinder and it was getting to a point of depression now. I finally decided to get myself treated. After doing a lot of research online, I found the Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery to be the best for my particular requirements. This is because the place looked quite attractive on the webpage and the doctors seemed to be very experienced. I quickly made an appointment with one of the dermatological surgeon for the very next day.
Due to heavy traffic I was just 5 minutes late and asked the receptionist about the appointment I made last night to which she said that it was cancelled a few minutes ago because I didn’t appear on time. I told her the about the traffic I faced while I was on my way, to which she replied that its par the rules and regulations and I had to make another appointment right on spot and wait for at least two hours for my turn to come. I had already taken a leave and now I had no other option left but to wait. My waiting experience in the lobby was horrible as well. The staff member told me that I have to pay for the water here because only have bottled water and it doesn’t come for free. Therefore I had to ‘purchase’ a bottle of water from them even thou I was a patient. There was a chewing gum beneath my seat and it stuck to my pants. I complained about it to the faculty but they didn’t do anything effective regarding this problem and laughed at me. This proved that the waiting area was very unhygienic. I was very annoyed with the management staff but the day couldn’t get any worst when I found out the surgeon was also the same.
The surgeon called me in and as soon as he saw my face full of imperfections he started laughing which made me feel very humiliated. He then checked my face and told me to go for the facial treatment. He again made fun of me and said that “my friend, if you do the facial treatment, you will definitely look like me”. I was pissed off by now but agreed to go for the treatment. He introduced ultrasonic waves to reduce the spots on my face but the instrument seemed to be very old, therefore it stopped working just after 5 minutes. Then the surgeon charged the thing for about half an hour and then proceeded. After the process was over he applied a moisture cream which gave a very jealous sensation and made me restless throughout the time. It was becoming unbearable when I requested him to remove the peel and proceed further. To which he didn’t listen to me at first and after repeating again, he told me not to disturb him as he was on a phone call. The treatment was finally over after all the complications but no improvement was noticeable. To this, the surgeon assured me that it would get better within a week. It is now more than two weeks and my face is still the same full of flaws. I would highly recommend not to go to the Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery.

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