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They are thrice as much expensive as a normal orthodontist.

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Published: 21 May 2019

Posted by: Johnny

Before any of you start judging me, I want to clarify that I do not like to write reviews at all. I just hate it! But if I don’t share my experience at the Gunnerson Dental clinic, then I would be doing a crime. I hope that this review helps the people from Payson to see the true colours of this dental clinic and help them realize how harsh the world has become. Please don’t make the same mistake that I did, that is my only request to you.

The employees of Gunnerson Dental are really nice and they made sure that I was feeling comfortable. They behaved very nicely and were super polite. The staff was the only good thing about this place. I got a set of c-fast braces from this clinic hoping that they would give me good results; however, it wasn’t the case. It turns out that the c-fast braces actually focus exclusively on 6 of the front teeth. I had some fucked up teeth ever since I was a kid and these c-fast braces made them worse. I wore them for over a year and now I have flared up front teeth which look totally TERRIBLE. I expected them to tell me if there were going to be such repercussions of using that particular set of braces. But no one told me anything. If they told me the truth in the first place, then I would have fucked up teeth right now. I did ask them to take out some teeth so that there is room for the braces however, they did not want to do that. I always felt that I did not have any opinion and they never really listened to me. Whenever I told them about their mistake, they would try to improve it and the mess up something else. They kept telling me that my teeth were looking “perfect”. Things got so bad that I decided to leave Gunnerson Dental permanently. Even though I did not get any results, I at least know that things will not get worse for me. I have started going to a different orthodontist and he examined my teeth. He told me that my front teeth now need a lot of work. He removed one teeth and told me that it was necessary to do for making my teeth straighter. When I was at Gunnerson Dental, they told me that I would have to pay $2,000 for fixing and shining a yellow tooth that I had. And this new orthodontist did that for free. If you have any teeth issues then I would advise you to stay away from Gunnerson Dental. Even I don’t know how much money I have wasted by going to this clinic. These corporate clinics attract people through their online marketing and false advertising. It was a big mistake to come here and I hope you don’t make such a foolish mistake. Thank you.

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