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Their services are not up to the mark and the failure of customer service is cherry on the cake. 

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Published: 07 August 2019

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Communication is one of the most important things to have. Unfortunately with the advancements in technology, people nowadays only use smartphones for the purpose. The interaction between people is limited to a device only. Inventions were made for easing the life of people but today’s generation has taken the negative impact of technology. Even if we take a moment and accept the fact that smartphones and other technologies are helpful in all aspects and life would be barren without these, what would you do if you have a poor WiFi connection? Or the telephone service at your place is not good enough? The answer to this question is quite simple; you would be frustrated obviously.
GVTC is a telecommunication firm in South and Central Texas. They claim to provide the best internet, phone, TV, fiber optics, and security services. Many internet, TV, and security service providers are there in the market but fiber optics is a new technological advancement. There are fewer service providers of this technology and anyone who claims to provide it at the best, you choose them. Same happened with GVTC. They claimed to provide the best fiber optic service but they failed. I have had a terrible experience with them. I did some online research. I found that their customer reviews show that there have been serious issues with their connectivity. Even after complaining repeatedly, the team takes no action and the issues remained unsolved.
I hated their customer services. Being a telecommunication company, they should have the best customer service either in the office or on their website. Sadly, both the areas are far behind the best. I had some issue with the internet connection. I called the service center of GVTC to inquire about it and ask them to solve my problem but my call remained unattended. After a long time, an operator received my call, listened to the problem and left my call on hold for an hour or more. I had to disconnect and call them back. My call was unanswered again.
GVTC also provides security services but customers have complained about that too. Issues with cameras have been reported quite often. Either you are a common man or a business owner, it is your right to complain and get the issue resolved. GVTC claims to be the best in all the areas of service and promised to serve the best customer service but the reviews show the total opposite of their claims. To be in the corporate world, you need to be best with customer service at least.
GVTC also provides video services to their customers. This is the sector which is comparatively better than others but still not efficient enough for the customers. Negative reviews are available on different websites about their video services too.
The modern era is the era of technology and if any company fails to provide the best internet services, its downfall begins. To be in the market you need to be the best service provider and come up with an innovative idea to have a competitive edge. The customer service is a bonus for all the firms but GVTC has failed to understand this.

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