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Published: 18 November 2017

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I am an unwed mother and the father of the child isn’t around anymore. I was visiting my Mom in Kansas City, Missouri when I found out I was 5 months pregnant. I am a little overweight and I didn’t even think that I might be pregnant. My mom took me to Gynecology Associates. I had Dr. Tom Macon as my obstetrician for the pre-natal and delivery of my daughter Missy. By my 8th month, I was felling sick all of the time and my stomach would hurt a lot. He did a some tests and determined I had some major issues like diabetes. He said that I needed to remain at bedrest until delivery to prevent losing the baby. At first, he seemed nice and caring. But I later experienced malpractice at his hands and humiliation. I went into labor about 9 am on Tuesday. This is my first child. After 7 ½ hours of heavy contractions, I was finally dilated to 9.25 cm. But where was Dr. Tom Macon? He was no where to be found in the hospital. Then finally, one of the nurses found him. I could hear what they were saying in the hallway. I was laying here ready to deliver, and he was getting it on with a blonde in the janitorial closet. He enters the room and starts barking orders like it was the nurses’ fault. Anyway, he sticks his hand in my vagina to probe for the baby’s position. He discovered that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck. Without explaining things to me, he ordered a C-section. The nurse anesthetist shot something into my IV line and out I went. When I woke, I had a horrible headache and it felt like my lower abdomen was on fire. A nurse came in and advised me of what had happened. She said that my baby had suffered from the lack of oxygen and that there might be developmental delays in her growth. I was horrified. I begged to speak with Dr. Tom Macon about his unnecessary delay, choice to perform a C-section and what to expect during my recovery and the recovery of my baby. The nurse said that he declined my invitation to chat, but he had more pressing matters to attend to. So they discharged me a day later at 10 am. My best friend Deborah met me there and said we should just wait there until the doctor could speak with me. I told the nurse that I must speak to Dr. Macon. She said she would let him know. And then asked me to sit in the hallway so they could clean the room for the next patient. I took all my stuff and sat in the hallway. Finally about 4:15 pm, I see the good Dr. Macon putting on his coat and hat. He was preparing to leave. I called out to him and told him I had waited all day to speak with him. He didn’t respond. I said, I’m waiting”. And he mocked me in front of all of the nurses. The nurses told him he needed to speak with me. Now it was 4:25 pm. He stepped just inside the hospital room door. He was angry. He told me that he was the doctor and made a proper call That he had cheated death. That death had decided to kill my baby and that he cheated death by his skilled hand and quick wit. I tried to speak, and he began screaming some horrible things at me. He actually told me that if I wasn’t so over weight, my baby may have had a chance for normal gestation and delivery. I started to cry and I ran out of the room. I was so upset at how he had treated me and what he said that I turned around and gave him a piece of my mind. I just couldn’t take how he had mistreated me. I told him I might not had to have the C-section if he would have been there on time. And I let him know that I heard the nurses over-talking in the hallway about his escapade with the blond haired woman and why he was one hour and 36 minutes later than scheduled. Instead of apologizing, he said “F-you” and then proceeded to give me the middle finger. How can a medical professional; the doctor you trusted your life with and the life of your child with do this. Is that professional? I think note. Well, my best friend Deborah was calm and collective. Instead of yelling at him or crying, she grabbed her cell phone and snapped a quick picture of him while he was giving me the middle finger. .

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