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Published: 15 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I worked at H10 Ocean Coral y Turquesa resort in the Mayan Riviera as OPC or promoter for the timeshare memberships at the lobby, the job is to pose as “concierges” at the lobby and convince arriving guests to go to a timeshare presentation. The scam works as follows: once a couple is on the sales room, OPCs as Sophie Horsman or Luis Miguel Lechuga, under the protection of Hayley Rozo whose real name is Hayley Mullen and is the General Manager, will approach the new customers and offer them “a better deal” or a discount to spend less money on their membership; on exchange, the real OPC who brought them to the sales presentation -the guy or lady who did the real job and sweated his or her a*s- receives only a fraction of the sales comission he would but without knowing it, because the “sale” that is informed to him is a “reduced” or fake sale to cover up all the sales comission which is being stolen from him. Shortly afterwards the cheated OPC will resign since he or she will not be making enough money for a living, because his sales “were too small”; then this scammers at H10 Premium timeshares will hire new OPCs and the stealing and cheating cycle will repeat. Most Timeshare Memberships programs and people are honest and hardworking. But people and places like H10 Premium with Hayley Mullen leading her network of scammers are a cancer for the industry. Beware if you are thinking on working there, or purchasing from them, because you will be feeding the wolves (and that kind of people will have no consideration if they can steal also from you).

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