The Worst Credit Card Company in the City

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Published: 26 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Haband at Flying Cloud Dr, Eden Prairie is the worst credit card company in the city you can come across with. The company targets the elder people and scamming them by making a fool of them. The company only knows to take advantage of their customer’s innocence. The exactly know how to fill there pockets up. No wonder as to why their reviews are so bad. My mother had this credit card from their company which I found out while paying off her bills as one of the bills was of this card though the card was never used. As I tried contacting the company to know about this bill which was useless, one of there staff picked up my call and talked with arrogance as if I was lying to him and hung up the phone. As I called back someone else picked up the phone to whom I explained my problem and asked him to block the card to which he agreed. After a month I again got a bill for the unpaid amount as the staff didn’t bother to block my card. Just before the due date, she got a call from the company stating if she doesn’t pay the amount on time she will be charged late fees for the transaction she never made, she even received a letter from the bank stating they have looked into the missing payment after her request. The surprising part for me was that the request was never made by her. The company is the worst I ever came across. Stay away from the company if you don’t want to get some mental illness due to the actions the company takes or the fake charges for the card it asks you to pay for absolutely nothing. The company is absolute crap.

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