Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

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Published: 02 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I am having issues with the Brush with Kindness Program. The issues began when I submitted my application in the fall of 2018. Ms. Rutan, Habitat was assigned to me to assist me with the program details and application. I was trying to submit my application, and each time I called (beginning in September-October of 2018), I would have to leave a voicemail for Ms.Rutan, and she never would return my calls. | After no luck hearing from Ms. Rutan , I decided to go to the location in person. When I arrived, there was full staff working, andMs. Rutan was there as well. | I introduced myself and Kim, office manager, came and introduced herself to me. Kim then advised Ms. Rutan to accept my application.Ms. Rutan and I made an appointment for Jamie,, construction manager, and herself to come to my home the following week. | When they came, they reviewed my home to see what they could repair, and made a list of what they were going to do. I put my own list of needs on the application, and some of those were overlooked. | Afterwards, they told me they would get back to me with the cost estimates for the materials. | When Ms. Rutan came back to my house a few weeks later, I initialed a few material items on the paperwork, but there were a few things I questioned, because it seemed that I was being charged three times as much for some of the materials. For an example, a part of my stockade fencing was needing to be replaced. I priced this piece for $20.00 at Home Depot, and it was listed for $100 on the Habitat repairs estimate. Ms. Rutan was not able to address this, and she said she would reach out to Jamie. I continued to leave messages for them both, trying to find out why I was being tripled charged for materials. | Two weeks later, Ms. Rutan said she did not have an answer for me as to why I was inflated. | I reached out to Mr Wilson, operational headquarters, Americas GA, and explained the situation. Mr.Wilson put in me touch with the executive director, Ms. Schultz. | When I spoke with Ms.Schultz in early December of 2018, I let Ms.Schultz her know I was still waiting for a response to my concern. She made the accusation that “We are not in the business of overcharging people.” I had not even explained the situation to her, Mr.Wilson had forwarded my concerns to her only. I told her “I wasn’t saying you were in the business of overcharging people, I just wanted some answers.” Ms.Schultz then said that “if you had to go out and hire a contractor, you would have to pay a lot more.” | I felt this was insulting and unprofessional, as the program is designed to keep costs down for qualified applicants. Ms.Schultz said she would call me the following week. I still have not heard back from her. | Here are some more examples of the high prices that were listed on the repair sheet. | Material costs for: basic bathroom faucet replacement listed as: bathroom faucet $300 | Basic storm door replacement (i.e Emco brand), listed as new storm door in rear $250 | Kitchen faucet replacement listed for $175 | Replace back stoop steps with railing, handrails and up to code $600 (I had asked Ms. Rutan for an itemized list for this repair, and had mentioned this to Ms.Schultz also, as it is a very tiny step area). | I am still waiting for a response from someone.

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