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Don’t trust these guys. They are nothing more than a bunch of scammers.

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Published: 12 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

These people will steal money from you and make sure that you don’t come back. This isn’t a normal dental clinic. It’s a criminal place. To prevent any future problems, you should have a regular checkup from a doctor of a well-reputed institute. You should ensure that you are getting these services from one of the best clinics in town, but there are clinics which claim that they provide the best services but that isn’t the case, they just want your money. The dental clinics should make sure that they are not offering their services to a single segment but every other person can have dental problems so they should make sure that their services are offered to everyone. When it comes to your medical need you want to choose one of the finest clinics in town regardless of what they charge. Customers choosing Hadar Dental LLC have been sharing negative reviews about it. I went there for my routine checkup and I was told to get a cleaning service which I didn’t need. That’s not all. Those bastards charged me a high bill. Hadar Dental LLC also call themselves expert in dental implant. Lately, patients have been facing trouble in these areas as well. One of the patients read about them in an article and planned on getting a dental implant. They had some discount offer going on too so it was a treat for her. Unfortunately, the doctor who was supposed to attend her had to go out of town and another doctor was asked to perform the treatment. After the doctor was done with the treatment, he did not guide her about the precautionary measures. She asked them if there was something to avoid eating or any mouthwash she should use but the doctor himself was confused. After 24 hours, the patient felt severe pain and had to consult another doctor referred by her friend. This new doctor told her that she had to avoid chewable stuff for a day or two so that there is the least pressure on the teeth and mouth. Customers get frustrated when they had to wait for many hours to even after booking an appointment. One of the customers booked an appointment and was told that cleaning will be done at a separate appointment. They will place nice staff in front of you and high tech digital machines. Customer reported that they now will give you a sales pitch, but it will sound like a necessary course of action for a dire situation and thus you will now face an office manager who will try to convince you to get the services you don’t even desire for. Dental clinics like Hadar Dental LLC are money-making machines by risking the health of customers. This place isn’t for getting treatments. This place is only get ripped off. So follow my advice and avoid this place.

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