Hair and Skin Care Tips

Hair and Skin Care Tips

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Published: 03 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This “company” in the United Kingdom is taking a Korean Bamboo Salt soap made by Insan and reselling it for $50 US Dollars a bar and saying it’s a hair growth soap called “Taoist Soap.” They claim it can create hair growth, stop hair loss, thicken hair, and remove acne and acne scars. They claim it’s been proven by a Harvard University Science team, and that it’s been used by doctor’s in the eastern and western hemispheres. | When I received the bar, it had Bamboo Ginseng Soap stamped on the bar in Korean. Nowhere on their website do they claim bamboo or ginseng, so I researched and found this: | It’s the exact same bar they send, they just remove it from the box. I confronted them about it and they claim Insan manufactures their soap for them. | ….. I have an email out to the Insan company to find out if this is true. Which I can almost guarantee that it isn’t. “James Miller” from the company emailed me this when I wrote him confronting him about the soap being $5 on Amazon. | “This is not the same product – we use Insan factory to complete the process of the product, and that is why the stamp is the same on the soap – this has no comparison to the $5 soap you sent us a link of – they carry the same stamp because of the company we used to complete the product. We actually have talked about this on our website.” | | They have a very deep web of marketing including hundreds of fake reviews, alternative fake websites that “review” the soap saying that it grows hair better than any other product (, youtube videos on how to apply it, fake youtube reviews, facebook group, etc. They CLAIM the soap is made from the mountains of Korea and is so pure you can eat it. They say it’s made of “Rare virgin Earth of Center Beak-Du Mountain, 40 blend of Daoist herbs including Daoist Salt.” Nevermind the fact that Daoism and Taoism are Chinese, not Korean. They claim it can remove acne scars, grow hair, and is essentially a cure for baldness. They are essentially stealing product and marketing/selling it as their own and upcharging 1000%. They do not say anywhere on their website that Insan company makes their soap. I found the picture online and confronted them about it. My wife is Korean and read the soap bar to me, which prompted me to investigate.

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