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Published: 12 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I recieved a letter sstating I had won a sweepstakes. It was from HOA 2014 or Hall of Award Officiators. Stating I had won $11,890.00. It also claimed to be with Baroness Estate Jewelry Collection and wanted me to send $20.00 with the entrant processing form. It wanted the monies as they called it in Check, Cash, Money Order or Visa or Mastercard credit card payment. Nowhere on the letters does it give a web address or any kind of address or phone or fax number. Benedict Germain confimed the win. A signature that looks like Blaine Mason, paymaster approval, Issue Payment was at the bottom of the form I was to send back. My ID was 25000586734, Dated 11/24/2014 The $20.00 was suppose to be for a piece of the jewelry from the Baroness Estate Jewelry Collection. On the 2nd page it has the names of Officiating Officers which are as follows. J. Meldran Coopering Elizabeth McAnner Thomas R. Davis It has a Crest and seal that are unreadablable but has numbers in red around the seal that are. At the top of the seal 091546 7000 10.8.5 ::::::: all in red. At the bottom in red is No. HOA1201 > 091564 and hand written right under the No. is 12. On The left side is a big 2 made out of dots and under it what looks like dots making a 3 but missing a few dots. It also has on the left side a small black clock set at 2:00. On the same left side in red is a 12 right above the clock with a short red horizontal line and under it in red there is 0067. Under the seal is the signature of the Blaine Mason. To the right of the seal is Benedict J. Germain signature and under it his name is typed Benedict J. Germain, under his name it says Administrant of Award funds. Everything is dated 11/24/2014 Momies Award Receiver – in full It also has my name and the Winner ID NO: 25000586734 at the very bottom on the left and on the right bottom same info with check for cash gauaranteed it also has a bar code at the bottom left of the page with the numbers that are the same as my ID No. with *25000586734* Thank you and Please make sure this scam gets out there so people don’t fall for it and find these peole and stop them!!

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