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Published: 05 October 2018

Posted by: B.Sampson

Acquired Asset Solutions has stolen 100″s of thousands of dollars from innocent victims attempting to purchase real estate or to secure their financial futures. They need to be stopped. We have been the victims of this horrible scam. The way these scam artists find victims is by having a respectable and credible person in Real Estate or some related business refer them to clients…in our case, this person was Jacqueline Meek working out of Covina, Ca. The victim is then put at ease because the person is credible. This credible person may even say that they have had success with this company.And, it is possible that the scam artists is leading this person on as well. Anyway, my family and I wired money (consultant fees )to Akiba Miniefee and her cronies to secure a private lender named Dr. Hutch International aka J.L. Hutchinson. (we were promised a money back guarantee)They try to make it seem like it is your fault when escrow is not successful. They do this by asking for last minute paperwork and documents that you have already given them. In the hopes that you won”t submit them on time.The lender was a complete fraud…he exists but doesn”t have funds to secure real estate for anyone. Unfortunately, we entered into escrow before this was confirmed. The scam artists involved in this real estate/mortgage fraud are Monica Mayfield Miller aka Monica Miller, Akiba Miniefee, Dr. J.L. Hutchinson aka J.L. Hutchinson or James L. Hutchinson, Julie Baxter. PS. They may respond to this email on this site…PLEASE don”t believe a word of it. THEY ARE A COMPLETE FRAUD. They must be stopped!!!

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