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Published: 15 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was contacted by a pre recored message at my residence about being a non profit organization that could help with mortgage assistance being a goverment agency working as a HAMP Servicer. I first spoke to Brian Kelley at 888-436-8590, where he sold the program to us. He sent us all of the paperwork needed for us to qualify for the program and make sure that we could get on a trial payment plan. All of the paperwork was legit because I have been trying to get a modification for quite some time so it is the exact paperwork that I have sent my mortgage company over and over. With in 2 days I was called back letting me know that I qualify and I received paperwork via mail with a repayment plan. $2,078.35 due no later that 2/6/15 in the form of a cashier check mailed to Trial Payment Processing 23046 Avenida De La Cariota, Ste 600 Laguna Hills, CA 92653. then 3 more payments every month of $1,168.36 sent to the same address in the same manner due on the same date as the initial payment. We were leary about their business and we questioned them to no end, but they were just that good. Malcolm Turner called as an advocate for us, he wrote letters to our Congressman for assistance, he reproted our mortgage comany to several Consumer Protection Agencies and he even wrote a letter for us to mail to our Mortgage Company. We sent in the payments and were being called back that the payments were received on time, and update about our modification. Our mortgage company kept calling us and they sent them a cease calling letter so we were told, but when I finally talked to our mortgage company they had no idea what I was talking about and most of all no payment received. When I called Malcolm back there is a recording telling me that their services have been suspended and no one anwsers any of the contact numbers I have for them. So in talking to our mortgage company we should have continued to work with them and all the money I sent to Hamp Services could of have caught us up somewhat. Now we are even more behind and starting the process of modifcation all over again. This company was really good at deceiving the consumer. Too bad they did not put their expertise in really helping those in need. .

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