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Happy House Rentals

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Published: 20 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Stay away from Happy House Rentals, Andrea Elsnicová, Miloslav Stanek & Blažena Polahárová! | I replied to an ad I saw that Happy House Rentals was advertising for an apartment at Doubravcicka 2203/6, Strasnice, 100 00, Praha 10. The photos showed the apartment to look far better then it really did and the total price of 19500 CZK is a luxury price for the area of Prague 10. The realtor Andrea Elsnicova was completely dishonest about several things about the apartment. First she told me it was very quiet but it was in fact very loud. She told me the owner, Miloslav Stanek would remove and replace any piece of furniture I wanted which he for the most part refused to do. | Upon moving in just after signing the lease I realized several things wrong with the apartment. The floors were very torn up and in very bad condition, the stove did not work, the apartment was very dirty and was not cleaned before I moved in, and the furniture that was left for me was so poor that you could not give it away. The glass table had scratches literally everywhere on it. The dining table was in very bad condition also. The couch had dirt stains all over it. The bed did not even have a real mattress on it. It was just a piece of foam with springs. The other small mattress was of terrible quality also. The kitchen appliances were also very old and in horrible condition. Also the toilet began to leak right after I moved in which I imagine the owner was aware of. | The following morning after I moved in I immediately wrote Andrea Elsnicova to tell her I wanted to cancel the agreement as the apartment was not adequate and I and I made her aware of all the problems. She was not at all receptive and was very rude in return and also told me she did not want me to contact her about this matter. I contacted the owner, Miloslav Stanek and he was not receptive either. They used against me the fact that I already signed the lease and kept using that to their advantage in immoral ways. The owner sent me a very arrogant response telling me that my claims were not valid and that the apartment was cleaned however I immediately told a video and pictures when I moved in to show that it was not. | After sending some emails back and forth and arguing me and the owner agreed to terminate the lease after two months. After that was over I requested money to be returned to me by bother the owner and realtor as I had paid a ridiculous amount of money to stay at a terrible apartment for two months. I paid a realtors fee of 18150 CZK and a total of 39700 CZK to the owner for rent for a total of 57850. It ended up being 28925 CZK per month total for this apartment. | I explained to the realtor that it would be unethical and immoral to take this much money from me when the value did not come close to what was giving to me and that this was a simple business principal. Again she was not receptive and very rude in return even to the point of being very arrogant. I requested to speak to her boss and she then told me she already spoke to the owner of the company, Blažena Polahárová who said I did not deserve much money back. She offered me an absurd amount of 3500 CZK to be refunded. I let her know I was very angry and would be pursuing all legal repercussions at my disposal. | I spoke to my lawyer to see what my options are. Unfortunately Czech Republic is not so advance as other places are where they have small claims court or housing authorities to go to. I advised them I would be writing about their company and contacted the Czech Office of Consumer Affairs. The owner then replied to me and accused me of blackmail which I most certainly did not commit and then threatened me in the email. | To quote her she said “If I undertake an action, you will not find other flat because I will make sure that no lanlord in Prague will accommodate you.” She then stated if I came to her earlier she would have helped and that Andrea offered me options which was certainly not true other then to offer me a small unreasonable refund of 3500 CZK. I wrote back telling them that their business etiquette made me sick. | Avoid Happy house Rentals, Blažena Polahárová, Andrea Elsnicova, and Miloslav Stanek. These are very immoral and unethical people with horrible business practices. They were also too unintelligent to realize that by me writing this about them it would cost them a lot more then what they made from me. Unfortunately this is just a lose lose situation as I can not get any money back but I at least have the satisfaction of knowing they will lose a lot more then what they made from me.

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