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Published: 19 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My 21 year old niece purchased a car about 2 weeks ago from them. She went in telling them she needed a reliable car and could not afford a fixer upper. They sold her a Scion TC….told her is was in perfect working condition. This is her first car she has bought she knew no different. She got a loan and drove the car home to Castle Rock. She went to get into the car the next day and noticed the tires were looking strange, took the car to DISCOUNT tire here in town and they told her that her tires were showing the cords. She had to pay $500 something to get new tires put on as it was unsafe and it was surprising she did not have issues driving home on the highway. Fast forward to last week and the check engine light kept coming on so she took it to a well known shop and he hooked it up on the DX machine, took a look and the catalytic converter is shot! $450 is what the shop wants to fix it and get it safe. She grew frustrated and called the dealership. Told them she was a bit upset as she went into them saying she needed a car that was reliable and not a fixer upper, explained to them the $ she already put into the car in less the 2 weeks and what the other amount of $ she needed to fix again. The manager told her to bring it in today (1/26/15) 9am and he would get it fixed up right for her. Well she was there and they were all so rude to her and didn’t offer to fix the car….She left frustrated!!!!! This car will never pass emissions with the check engine light on, bad catalytic converter and who knows what else. THEY SOLD HER A PIECE OF CRAP AND THEY ARE NOT WILLING TO MAKE IT RIGHT!!!! WE ARE FILING REPORTS WITH THE BBB, STATE DEALER LIC. DEVISION, THE LOAN COMPANY (BELLCO)…..ETC…… FAIR WARNING DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THESE SHYSTERS!!! .

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