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Published: 11 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

About 3 years ago I purchased a puppy from this lady. Everything seemed fine until the dog reached puberty. He then developed severe allergies. My vet did test(s) and they array of allergies included ‘humans, lamb, dust, wool, carrots, hay, grass’,and all all sorts of other environmental allergies. He got to where he had constant hot spots. At this same time he also started to show some signs of aggression so I called the breeder to get permission to get him neutered early because of this, and she was in agreement. This got to where I was spending huge sums every month with the vet to control his allergies. I tried over the counter medications, we eventually were giving him allergy shots. I assumed his aggression was due to itching all the time. I returned the dog to the breeder just short of a year after his birth because of his problems. I was so upset I did not want her genetics even tho she offered another dog at this point. After about 2 years, I finally felt I was over the situation and now able to find out his final dispositon, if they found a good home that his allergies tolerated. Not only did she not return a call, text message, or an email, when I got hold of her she essentially told me I made the dog mean and she had to put him down. I guess he even bit her husband and she said that she was too afraid to go into his “pen” (my opinion is cage) with him. Her final statement to me when I enquired about the guarantee was that “Under the circumstances…” after she had all but outright accused me and my son of doing something that made the dog that mean. I saw the potential for a fear biter, not a mean dog. Since they kept him caged he just got worse and worse until they had to put the poor animal down. The issue is this poor dog was genetically inferior, the breeder knew the mother had allergy issues and did not divulge until I advised her of my dog’s allergy problem. I followed ALL of her and her vet’s advice. Along with my vet’s advice and 60 years of dog loving, the dog could have asked for no better home, and he was never, ever hit, caged, beaten, or abused in any way, form, or fashion. To insinuate that this was the cause was most hurtful and has exacerbated my PTSD issues.

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