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Harbor City Capital Management

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Published: 29 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I am a 75-year-old single woman living on Social Security and a small income from freelance work. In the fall of 2016, I was persuaded by Nick Fortune of FortuneDNA, Inc., to invest my savings in several digital marketing loan agreements offered by JP Maroney, CEO of Harbor City Capital Management, Harbor City Ventures LLC dba Harbor City DMA II LLC, Harbor City Digital Ventures LLC, and other organizations. | Swackhamer, Hadzipanajotis, and McClean are CFOs or Operations Manager of Maroney’s companies. Fortune claimed verbally that if Donald Trump won the election, that stocks and bonds, in which I was then invested, would plummet. Fortune then claimed verbally, and Maroney claimed both verbally and in writing that Maroney’s investments guaranteed high-return interest rates, and that they were completely safe, “can’t fail” investments. | I made multiple investments with Maroney in his “digital arbitrage” investments. Within just a few months, the interest payments stopped coming in, and the agreements went into default. Maroney promised in writing week after week, month after month, for a year and a half, to catch up on the interest payments and bring the loans current. At the same time, he claimed his other clients were all making huge returns on their investments. | When I sued him, he did not even bother to respond to the Complaint. I was awarded a default judgment, and still he has ignored the lawsuit. I recently learned that the company bank account has $239.000. So much for the multi-million dollar promises he made to his former investors, and continues to make to new investors. Upon further investigation, I learned that Nick Fortune is in fact Nick Malis, who was indicted in Las Vegas along with his father for mortgage fraud. Fortune continued to shill for Maroney at seminars even after he knew I was not receiving payments. | Maroney owes me hundreds of thousands of dollars, including my original principal and two plus years of interest. In early 2018, he started another digital arbitrage company/investment under the name of Harbor City Digital Ventures, LLC. The promotion material describes a venture virtually identical to the ones in which I invested. It is my belief that he may have used the money he owed to me to fund Digital Ventures, which is still being promoted online and at investment seminars around the United States. If so, I believe there are laws against comingling and conversion of client funds. | Alternatively, he may have been using the money he owed me to pay off his other investors, a classic sign of a Ponzi scheme. In any case, I am continuing to pursue him legally. My purpose here is to warn potential investors against doing business with JP Maroney, and to view anything Nick Fortune says with heavy skepticism.

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