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Harbor Financial Services Is a misleading Fraud Company

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Published: 07 November 2018

Posted by: Jenny

Harbor Financial Services is a fraud company. They’ve been making money off other people by misleading them about the kind of work and the quality of financial services they provide. Their website is so misleading. It’ll make you think it’s a big company but it isn’t. It’s run by one man named Sam Hall who talks as if he knows everything but that’s not the truth. He knows nothing at all about banking solutions or any other financial services. A lot of my friends and colleagues have fallen prey to his nonsense.

He pretended to know everything about offshore banking and took money from my friend. If at all you correct him, he gets really irritated and becomes very unprofessional. I tried to find out more about him after my friend mentioned about him to me and it turns out that a lot of investigators are looking into him because of fraud and he might be behind bars soon. I would never want to put in my money into something like that. First of all, it’s sure it will go to waste and secondly, a shady character like him can’t help anyone, not even him.

I would want to warn everyone to be careful of Harbor Financial Services and to not fall for Sam’s trap. He might talk confidently but it’s a bluff. He’s not interested in helping you. He’s only bothered about your money and once he has it, he won’t show his face again to you. Let’s build a case against this asshole to ensure he doesn’t go around cheating other people. I want my friends to get their money back. It’s so sad to see people cheating like this. It will be great to teach this company a good lesson and to have him put behind bars.

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