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Harborview Associates

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Published: 16 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The owners of the Harbour View and Mayfair apartments in Lakewood on Detroit Ave. and Sloane are completely unreasonable, unprofessional and are not willing to do anything to make things easier for their residents. | The managers and owners of these buildings have no communication between them and are only looking for the cheapest ways to do things. The two managers Julie and Chrissy get their stories confused on answers to questions because they are always covering up lies that the owner Murray has made. | On weekdays these buildings have at least 2 cars towed from their parking lots and at least 7 on weekends. It is understandable that they need to do this since they are right across the street from bars, but they are excessive with the use of this power and let everyone know it. While I was moving from the Mayfair to the Harbour View, which are both owned by Murray, I purchased a guest pass so my friends that were moving my things could pull up front to move my things. I was not able to sign my lease until 5pm so I could not start moving until then. Neither building has proper doors or a place to put a moving truck other than the front doors and the turn around. Moving things in and out of these buildings is so very difficult and many of your belongings will get damaged. While we were there for 15 minutes and the back of our truck was filled with belongings, they put a boot on our vehicle even though we were obviously moving and there is no where else that you can park a truck to move things. We had to pay $50 for them to take the boot off and the building manager Julie and the owner Murray had no answers as to why I spent the money to buy this guest pass and where a person is supposed to park moving trucks. Murrays answer was that it was not my problem. | While living with this company for the first year at the Mayfair, my roommate and I never had any issues and were great tenants. We dealt with the dingy carpet, the mildewed bathroom ceiling, and the fridge that leaked all over because we loved the location and the place was cheap. Since I moved to the other building the management staff and owners have been a nightmare. | Even though I moved out of the Mayfair on the first and immediately started paying for living in the Harborview, I am being forced to pay both. Every time I have talked to the one owner Murray, he has been very disrespectful and not willing to discuss the issue. When I asked to talked to the other owner, I got a voicemail from her screaming that if I didnt pay for the old apartment I would be turned into collections. When I said that the way I was being treated was not fair Murray said that he likes to make examples of tenants. An example that you are going to rip off your tenants? | You will never get a straight answer from anyone that lives there on price or questions about the building and if you have an issue you will be ignored by the owners and made to feel like what you are asking the managers is a dumb request. It is a shame that these buildings are not willing to be reasonable to keep young business professional females living in their buildings.

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