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Published: 22 December 2019

Posted by: Brenda Richburg

I recently got back from Harrahs casino. Now Keep in mind im a diamond member and have gone to harrahs since they opened. I called and booked a room for Thursday And Friday, on a off time when there is surely no business. FEB 4TH AND 5TH. I requested Atruim Suite. To My Surprise when I got there I could not find my debit card. I told the girl its probadly burried in my bag could I leave the 50 deposit in cash instead. Which I did in past. Its somthing that happens to all of us. Well after unpacking bag on casino floor feeling embarassed. I could not find it. Her responce was Well its new rule and money could not be taken. I had 2 friends coming down following day who were diamond members also one was 7 star diamond. So than I managed to locate my numbers to my card which I wrote down. I tried giving her them and her responce was well how do we know its not stollen we need the card. I was furious at this point. I spoke to 3 supervisors. All were still wet behind the ears and had that same stupid look like there is nothing they could do its the rules. I was furious that they could treat good paying customers the way they did. I had a cruise that I received from harrahs as a comp. I cancelled that and destoyed all my harrahs cards. I will never go back and will surely spread the word about how Harrahs is treating people who are good paying guest. During such bad time and recessions you would think they needed the business. Now I can see why Jersey casinos are so poorly run. Its no longer run by the experienced people from the past. Mob LOL Bring back the Vegas ways and get rid of these College pretty boys who could care less about there Jobs. Basically the staff and managemnet *** and I will no longer play at harrahs. Next to Ebays customer service I rank Harrahs as the worst. Im bringing more than one person from your property. My friends all feel same way. Im Gone to Philly and bringing my money over bridge.

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