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Published: 24 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I purchased my 2007 Cadillac Escalade from Harrelson Nissan on or around 3/5/2014. At the time of purchase I was assured that the maintenance light that was on was only due to a gas cap. I was promised that I could get my car detailed (washed and waxed inside and out) making it look immaculate in their words and that I could come back and they would do what was needed to make the maintenance light go off. At the time of purchase and signing the paperwork the salesman Christian Harmon promised that he would make sure the maintenance light and whatever was causing it to come on would be handled. He gave me his mobile number and told me to call or text to let me know when I could come back to get the work done. I was told that I would probably need to leave the truck all day because they have a tech that is certified on all cars not just Nissan and we would need to make sure he was able to get to the truck to fix it. I went by the agreement and on 3/7/2014 I took my car to Advance Auto Parts to allow them to diagnose the issue and the codes that came back were B0900 (device 1 voltage high), P0121 (throttle body/pedal position sensor) PO449 (evaporative vent valve solenoid malfunction) and P0455 (Evaporative Gross Leak). When I told Advance the dealership said it was just a gas cap they laughed stating that a gas cap is usually not gross leak. So I took a picture of the yellow sticky note that the Advance technician wrote down for all the codes and I sent it to Christian Harmon letting him know that it was not the gas cap and that I needed this fixed because it was not allowing me the features on the truck, i.e. cruise control wouldn’t work due to the maintenance light and remote start wouldn’t work. Other systems were loss of power and the truck would just shut off for no reason as if it was idled low. All this I told Christian Harmon and again he assured me it would be handled. I have text messages stating all of this. On 3/14/2014 I took it back to the dealership per Christian and I had Christian meet me at Harrelson Nissan’s (Rock Hill where I purchased the truck) service department. I spoke with Georgia who sent the car back to get checked and they put the gas cap on and tried to clear the codes. The codes would NOT clear. At that time I talked to Christian and he told me I’d need to drive the truck a little and see if I could let the codes clear within the next 200 miles. On 3/22/2014, after 200 miles I took a picture of my dashboard with the maintenance light still on and told Christian it wasn’t the gas cap and that I had again taken it by Advance and the same codes popped up. His words were just let me know and that he had me on his side. On 3/39/2014 I texted Christian Harmon and he mentioned he was off a couple days stating his dad was in the hospital. I told him I understood and that I would not bother him on his personal time and to contact me when he was available. I didn’t hear anything from him so on 4/8/2014 I contacted him by phone and told him all the trials I was having with my trucks performance and even asked about his dad to let him know, hey look I’m not just someone trying to get over I have compassion, I just wanted him to keep his word. He texted me back after I told him I’d be off the next couple days saying to let him know when I was heading that way. At that time he asked me if I still had the paper with all the codes on it symbolizing his efforts to handle them. I sent him the pictures of them by text and even stated I would print them out and bring them. He stated he was hopeful based on the schedule we could get them fixed all at once. I told him the check engine light was challenging my driving experience and he said “We will get it done.” At that point he stopped returning my texts and calls and I got pretty disheartened because he gave his word this would be handled. At that point to make sure I did my due diligence after some time went by I took my car to Cadillac so I can get the full scale of work needed on the truck. The same codes came up that Christian Promised to fix and more. The following were found that pertain to previous issues reported. Codes (PO121 THROTTLE BODY, P0449 EVAP. VENT VALVE). In addition, I found out the truck had a broken motor mount, that it needed a brake pedal sensor, an ELC compressor and both shocks leaking and need to be replaced. At that point I had enough and I went by the dealership once again on 6/9/2014, showing them the letters from Christian Harmon at the time of his employment at Harrelson Nissan. I spoke with Georgia and she remembered the situation saying that if Christian Harmon said it would be fixed that it should be fixed, but that she couldn’t do the work until it was approved by management, that it was not her call. I let them take the truck back and they found the code for the throttle body and the cable totaling $609. Although I know there were more codes that were promised to be fixed I would be more than pleased if they had just taken care of their promise and the throttle body was the P0121 code that originally came up. I waited 40 minutes while Georgia paged Frank, a grey haired older gentleman that was Christian’s manager and who also supported him on the sale of my 2007 Cadillac Escalade. He never came to the service desk so Georgia approached me with my keys saying nothing can be done until they give the ok and that I would need to speak to Frank. I went to the sales side of the room searching for and found Frank again at work on another sale. While waiting on Frank to come up to me I heard a loud voice over the intercom asking for all sales agents to report to the sales office, and if someone was taking their time he called them out, he wanted everyone to the office. In the talk with almost 15 5o 20 agents piled inside the office some outside I could hear the topic of CSI being thrown around. From the description it had to be a survey or some sort of customer grading. In the talk the tone was very intense basically talking about the fact there had been 4 bad surveys just that day. The speaker’s tone suggested that if anyone continued a pattern of getting graded badly they would not have employment with Harrelson Nissan. It’s obvious this is a pattern with this company and although I am being given signs of wrongdoings to customers, I am trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, in hoping they will treat me a little differently. Someone did let him know I was waiting to speak to him, in the process he came up to me and I told him about the promise from Christian, in his words if I had it in writing that it should be handled and he walked me back to Georgia in Service. Georgia went into the notes and explained to him just as I have that it was promised by Christian Harmon and that the codes show the throttle body. At that point Frank started to back pedal and said basically told me that I bought my truck used with 150,000 miles on it and basically his tone was as if lemons were common if not a new car then buyer beware. I asked him did they not stand by their used cars and he said again well your car has 150,000 miles on it. Then he said you he would need to speak to the head men Lloyd Edwards and Mickey Carter. I asked to speak with them basically stating the obvious that I wanted to do my due diligence in making sure I would try to get help where I bought the truck and to try my best to get someone to help me before passing on any bad ratings. He stuck me in a room for over 10 minutes and went to go get Mickey and /or Lloyd but ultimately came back saying they would not help, even though I was promised by Christian Harmon to fix what was wrong with the maintenance light that my paperwork showed I signed a (“We OWE”??)

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