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Published: 07 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I received a letter from The Harrington Group, LLC once in 10/16/2014 which I ignored as I was unable to commit to any settlemen at the time. Later I received another letter on 02/18/15 stating they were willing to settel an otstanding balance of a $2700 loan for only $900.00. Because I wasn’t in the capacity of settling this matter at the first contact I contacted the agency and the phone was answser by a gentlemen by the name of Jeff Brooks. I asked to speak with Mr. Jason Harrington which is the name of the person on the letter. Was told that he was not available at the time but Mr. Brooks offered to help me with the issue. I asked some questions as far as who was the debt with he stated the name of the company which it was the name of a loan company I have applied for a loan with few times before, but was unable to paid in full the last time i applied. I have wanted to settle this issue for sometime now and I was actually happy that someone contacted me about it again now that I could make arrangements to pay. We agreen on settle the account in 2 payments one done on 02/26/15 sent in a money order to be delivered next day and i had to contact him with a track from the post office receipt to a PO BOx 31567 Houston, TX 77231. I complied with his request and followed all his instructions to the letter. After few days another company called me about the issue and it raised some concerns at that point about the truthfullness of this matter. So i contacted the actual loan company to find out that the account was sold to debt collection agency and after contacting the collection agency came to find out that another collection agency had the account and when I contacted that collection agency they didnt even had any information about the account nor neither of the company was Harrington Group, LLC. After getting all this information and giving again the benefit of the doubt to Harrington Group, LLC I contacted them again this time to ask them for additional information about this account. Again the phone was answered by Mr. Jeff Brooks. When i told him that I was requesting to have in writing additional information about this debt, he put my on hold and when back on the line he stated “the documentation you are requesting can take up to 30 days”, I then told him that he was not going to get any additional payment for the remaining amount until I got the documentation so I could match his information about the loan with the one that I got from the company I tool the loan from this date 03/11/15. He got really upset and started to explain to me that we have bind to an agreement and that a payment was expected on 03/13/15 and if not received i was going to loose $500 and they were taking me to court. My response to that was to do what he had to do and I wasn’t going to send a penny more until I was satisfied with my request. He hanged up the phone on me. I tried to give him a fax number where he could expedite the documentation, but he told me that the information was confidential to them. This last response totally did it for me and convince me that i had just been a victim of debt collection fraud. I further went to look it up on the internet where I found multiple reports here and try to look for the actual address on the letter and there is no existence of the address. Im at a lost of $500 for not researching further before i took the action. .

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