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Published: 08 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Upon numerous conversations with Christie of Christie Hatman Auctions/ HGTV Auction Agent she told me that her commission rate was 25% of the total sale and the 25% covered everything: Cleaning, unpacking, labor, photography, uploading pics to internet, storage and advertising. The only extra would be the movers. She said the items were fantastic and she prompted me to hurry and have my items ready in two weeks because she wanted them for the “grand opening of her new building.” I raced to get everyhting ready because there was an incredible amount of items. She told me there would be plenty of time for her to get the items ready and uploaded for internet bidding. She also told me that she would have some experts evaluate my items which did not happen. Her movers came and on the 4th trip from the attic down to the truck, one of the guys picked up a table with a small shelf underneath. A box on the shelf fell all the way down the attic stairs breaking the contents and scratched the wood floor below. I called Christie immediately and told her I thought her guys were inept and that I was not impressed in the least. She assured me that this was uncommon and that she had “really good insurance and I would be reimbursed for anything broken or damaged.” About an hour after the items were broken my father and I were searching for the box and it was nowhere to be found. I questioned the workers and they all played stupid. It’s been 5 months and the box has yet to be located. I shirked this off as they were subcontractors and assumed she and her crew would be much more professional. I took into major account that she was on HGTV and that she has been in business for 17 years. As my auction date approached I continually checked online for my items and did not see them posted. I called Christie and she routinely assured me that the pictures were going to be posted in a timely manner. The pictures were finally posted a day and a half before the auction took place meaning a large amount of bidders did not have enough time to see the items and register to bid. My auction was scheduled for Saturday, August 16th, 2014. My father and I drove to her auction house on Friday to attend. Upon arriving in Thayer, MO we went to the auction house and we were stunned by the sheer volume of items and the way they were being stored. Our items wer piled up in the most haphazard fashion and with no regard for their condition. One of the major factors that determines the value of antiques is their condition. She has no system of checks and balances of our items vs. other seller’s items and this was evident in person and when I eventually received my first check. I noticed a few items that were not ours were credited to our account (over $500.00 worth) and I brought this to her attention. She quickly deducted these items from my final settlement yet none of my items were misappropriated to the wrong account. Not possible considering many of our items are still missing. We have items that are still unaccounted for and we have not been paid for all items. One of the large baseball pictures was damaged in August and Christie told me over the phone on October 6th and in writing that she would have this piece professionally repaired and shipped to me in a timely manner. It is now December 3rd and I still have yet to receive said picture. None of the amounts for my auctions make sense and I have repeatedly contacted her for an actual accounting, per her contract, I am entitled to and she refuses to address this issue. I was charged on both receipts for labor which she stated was included in her commission. She sent little yellow slips of paper which many have written on them “choice, flat & misc.” She states this is an accounting. I saw the paperwork they were working from the day of the auction that had photos of each item, the final price and bidder number. I have requested copies of these with every communication and she ignores every request. Christie refuses to address my issues. I am continually told she is “out of town” among other excuses. I find it interesting that she picked up the phone immediately or called me back right away when she wanted my items to sell but then when there is a problem or she owes money she is unable to be reached. Steer clear of Christie Hatman, Hatman Auctions & HGTV Auction Agent. .

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