Haus Juris German Shepherds

Haus Juris German Shepherds

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Published: 01 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Where do I start!? We were given a puppy that had diarrhea for weeks; this was after Megan postponed the adoption because of known digestive issues. But we were reassured that the litter was healthy. But before even seeing our “breeder selected” puppy, we were suffocated with some high-pressure sales tactics. They were ringing up all kinds of toys and treats, including the price of the puppy before we even had a chance to see it. So present day, we are know stuck with a family dog that is very fearful and possesses less than the ideal GSD temperament she claims to breed in her litters. I feel duped; this place is nothing more than a glorified puppy mill. Listen to the other reviewers and go elsewhere. | We love our puppy but certainly did not receive a quality dog for a premium price of $2700 + $300 worth of puppy stuff that could have been purchased for a lot less at pet store. The sales tactics are just ruthless, no ethics involved here. BTW, I have taken the puppy to numerous training programs as well as onsite private training; this dog just has poor temperament. These trainers are even dumbfounded that we paid such a high price for the dog we received. I’ve own GSDs in the past and paid a lot less for superior dogs. Megan – you should be ashamed of yourself for deceiving families with your false claims. Her marketing trick is for you to meet a very stable GSD as what could be a potential familiy member or companion, but what you may end up with will be far different. Stay away, you’ve been warned. High price does not equal high quality in this case…

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