Hayley Nolan

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Hayley Nolan is a woman who targets young, married men

It has been two years that this woman is fucking around with my brain. I searched several times to find just a single picture of hers. For two years, I have had in my head that this woman is sleeping around with my husband while they are at work. I have been stupid enough to be taking care of our 14 months newborn and two older kids at home. They have been playing, texting or fucking, I never got the complete truth!
I can never take out that day from my head when I came home after getting my hair done, feeling pretty after a very long time. My husband asked me to pass his phone to him and exactly then, the light lit up. She texted that they needed to stop it when she returned on Thursday. I asked my husband as to who it was, he replied saying that it was someone from work. I texted her back asking her to call. She confirmed the same on text and called back. I asked her name and she said Hayley Nolan. I then asked her what the f*ck needed to stop on Thursday? The phone went on silent and then she hung up. She never told how far they had gone, whether they have had sex or not.
She still continued to email and text my husband. Apparently, she has been doing this with most of the men she works with. She eyes on the young married owners, mostly. She is having a long time boyfriend, who is unaware of all this disgusting shit. Today was the first time I saw her. She was physically beautiful but ugly and evil from the inside. I hope people come to know about her real face, especially her poor boyfriend!

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