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Published: 25 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I left a very decent job to go to HBC in Orlando. The day I was interviewed, and the following day the office was PACKED with people. I was really excited. It was going to be a slight change from what I was doing, but along the same lines, the pay was the same, but the hours were flexible and that appealed to me. So I was going to accept, and then decided that I really didn’t want to risk it. Fast forward a month, and the I grew a set, and decided that I would give it a try. I started Monday (4 days ago). When I got there, there were 2 other people. I asked them both when the other employees would get there, and they laughed. Upon further inquiry, I found out that the 2 days I was there for the interview and the follow up they had hired TEMPS to make the office look good to prospective clients AND employees. Long story short was that FedEx had dropped them as a client (end of 2014, not sure when) and they had to change the name from HBC Facilities to HBC Strategies. Laid everyone off that worked there, and filed bankruptcy as HBC Facilities. So I thought I would tough it out, and see what was going to become of it, at least until I could call my old boss.Well it was 4 days of sheer hell. Cary (Owner) has his head so far up his own a*s it’s not even funny. You should see the string of failed business and destruction behind him. EVERY 2nd call was from a vendor wanting to get paid, it was pathetic. I was instructed to advise the caller that accounts payable was away from their desk, and to have the person leave a voice mail. When I asked why we didn’t pay our vendors I got this lecture about how ‘they are not properly presenting the invoice’. Anytime they explained something, it always sounded as if they were trying to convince themselves, and not me. So I decided today after talking to my partner at lunch that I would quit. I got to my desk typed up the email, and the phone rang, I answered it (and it was of course someone looking for payment) when I hang up, this kid walks up to my desk and told me my services were no longer needed. I asked him flat out,” were you monitoring my email?” and he said yes. I knew that was it because I still had it open as a draft, didn’t even get a chance to send it. I was at the same place for 5 years, and I will be right back there Monday. Thank God for small family run businesses. To the people looking to obtain payment, I would try these numbers and emails: Cary Siegel (owner): (email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin) Mike Brown (COO) (678) 644-8864 or (email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin) Bob Steinberg (Field Services Manager) (email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin) JP (Boy wonder/ IT/ owners Pet) (email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin) .

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