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HeadPinz Cape Coral is a waste of my money and good energy.  

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Published: 05 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I enjoy a game or two when I am free to go out with friends. It was a disappointment to get there and to not be able to play a game of bowling. The unfriendly staff did not help inform us that the bowling lanes can only be fixed in three days. They failed to refund me but chose to delay the problem. I won’t go back there!
It was an absolute nightmare to deal with HeadPinz Cape Coral. They rushed us off the alley before our next game. Children got together and were having fun when the staff of HeadPinz Cape Coral had to end the game to close the business. It is not possible to feel comfortable and happy to play a complete game without hassle at this place.

I faced up to unpleasant staff and ill-mannered staff to make my visit at headPinz Cape Coral a great experience. I felt the cold shoulder treatment from the staff at HeadPinz Cape Coral. The lack of customer’s service and the poor communication with the staff made me feel terrible at the Cape Coral. I have not had a staff member go out of their way to make my stay there a happy one.

The alleys were out of order and management don’t know when the alleys will be fixed. This the poorest of answers I had from a company. No respect for customer’s service and a lack of quality in the bowling games. I don’t need to go back there for another disappointment. A place that has many faults with customer relations and failed to get anything right. All games are not functional. Other games are broken, and entertainment is of poor quality. I put in few coins to play games in the arcade and the coins were sucked in and again I lost money at HeadPinz Cape Coral. It is of no interest to staff to have machines fixed for their customers. The most unpleasant staff and workmanship are at HeadPinz Cape Coral. Poor management and lack of communication skills is a wrong attitude toward customers. I don’t recommend HeadPinz Cape Coral to another family, or friends. My horrible experience must not affect other people. A below-average company does not deserve a star from my experience. I did not feel satisfied with the services at HeadPinz Cape Coral.

They did not accommodate me for their bad services. The awful management made me feel unwelcome at HeadPinz Cape Coral. A lack of knowledge about customer relations ruins customer’s services.

It is unacceptable to ignore the care of customers. At HeadPinz Cape Coral that is what they did to me. Everything that must be excellent at customer’s service at HeadPinz Cape Cora, it is not worthy of one star. My experience there ruined my few hours of gameplay. The bar doesn’t have a selection of drinks, be it alcohol or fruit juices and stale snacks are sold to customers. The glasses are not clean at the bar counter and the bowling alleys don’t work regularly.

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