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A Very Bad Clinic

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Published: 27 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Doctors these days are getting very profession and annoying too. Last Monday a friend visited the HealthCare Partners Los Angeles Urgent Care with an appointment done previously. He was informed that due to a fault in the database, his appointment got canceled and was asked to wait for the next two hours to meet the doctor. He informed that HealthCare Partners Los Angeles Urgent Care has a very bad clinic and does not provide complimentary services to patients waiting Since the pain in his tooth was severe so he had to wait for the doctor who came to the venue half an hour late.

When the doctor finally got into the chamber, then his assistant booked an appointment for my friend. The doctor was arrogant as my friend got reviews from other patients that he does not pay much attention to them. The nurses there were friendly but could not provide proper information to the patients. The receptionist got angry with an old man as he had several queries.

Later, when my friend got into the doctor’s chamber, the pain in his tooth increased as the doctor was using inappropriate tools for treatment. Moreover, the doctor was using unprofessional techniques that made the pain even worse. The doctor used the wrong anesthesia and did not even admit his fault. He was arguing with my friend and get down to abuse him when complained. The doctor had no ethical values and was not empathetic towards his patients. When finally the doctor announced that the treatment was over; my friend was actually in more pain. He did not even prescribe him any drug or medication. The nurse asked my friend to get out of the chamber as the doctor need to see other patients. Thus, I would recommend that no one should visit HealthCare Partners Los Angeles Urgent Care.

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