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Published: 11 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

First of all, to all the employees who are hanging in this horrible company. I commend you. This racist, company, is so rude. The District manager wannabee( Doug Warwick) is about the worst piece of Sh &, you could ever meet. Not only was he put out of several buildings when he was a manager, he ended up getting a staff member pregnant, and they promoted him to a Dm. Wow. They lie so bad to these hospitals and Nursing homes. There dietary dept, is the worst in the industry. My God, never enough food, its either undercooked or tough. Notice all the Dm’s and Rm are Caucasian. Im caucasian, and not one African american has been promoted since ive been with this raggedy company. This comoany,says they do investigations, everything is One sided. They want you to work numerous hours to get the facility done, with No overtime pay. They get upset when you ask for a raise. Half the time you never have enough supplies. Half the time, you have to borrow, from other facilities. Then this jack ass Tom obrien, who only cares about how money, you can make at the facility. Oh btw, they get bonuses, Managers nor front line staff dont. You can only have 3 shirts ordered in a month. Staff sometimes, have to wear the same shirt daily. They check the caucasian managers different than the other races. I have seen this for myself. They sell this big dream to you, as if no other company can compete with them. They are now bragging how they are saving Genises. This is a big Corp. Please dont ask for vacation, in the event that you do,its always and excuse, for you not to go. Like a threat. Bottom line, do not invest in this coompany. They lie so much. So if you invest in this company you will lose more, than gaining. Most of the emoloyees who work for this company start of @8.00 hr. Who can live off that, they dont want you to do any evals, so that way you wont have to give them a payraise. The facility i was at they went 3 years, without a raise. Thats ridicilous. Doug dumb a** warwick, would most time talk about the administrator is stupid they dont know what they doing F them etc. Tom obrien is the same way. If you own a Nursing home or Hospital, please go with Another company. They have these District meetings, and all they do is sit up and criticize you , then get drunk and act unprofessional. I ask you, is this the company you want to handle your contracts, Please take a different route, start looking into the smaller business owners. This company is a billion dollar company, and wont give raises. You have an account manager get promoted to Dm. I guess its ok to use your position for pleasure and profit. Yes, i know you say we sound like disgruntel employees. Actually,im not. I went with another company, and Im a District Manager. Btw, i hired over 63 employees from hcsg, to work in my buildings i have. Oh, and they make more also.

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