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Published: 05 March 2021

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WATCH THE TEN MINUTE VIDEO OF THIS REPORT WITH PHOTOS, ADDITIONAL VIDEOS AND MORE: | This report compares Healthy Systems USA, with side by side documentation and comparison to the proven In Court Fraudulent “A New Me / Bouari Clinics weight loss companies” Depositions from the Bouari Franchise case can also verify that the founders of the Bouari Clinics, Emile Bouari and Carol Ann Chaney admitted their entire weightloss business model was 100% fraudulent. | In fact Bouari and Chaney did not even dispute the fraud charges and did not put up a defense, hence the $6.7 million dollar DEFAULT JUDGMENT. I stand by this report as 100% FACT and it is 100% unimpeachable. I have also referenced official government license and incorporation registration sources and the website registry ICANN WHOIS. | All screenshots of deleted or expired websites are taken from the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine I have simply written a TRUE Chronological history of Healthy Systems USA from their inception date of October 2010 to today 2020. Anyone with internet access could perform their own due diligence and discover the identical information provided in this report. | NOTICE: | All references to Healthy Systems USA also known as Spray Your Fat Away will be written as HSUSA in this report. | Unfortunately for the consumer and business investor Healthy Systems USA is an EXACT CLONE of a PROVEN fraudulent business. I am very motivated to inform the consumer about the true origins of HSUSA and omissions of facts by HSUSA administrators. | This report is available online with additional photos, screenshots, videos and downloadable files. | 13 Indisputable FACTS | 1. HSUSA has a significant connection with the following proven in court fraudulent weight loss businesses. Bouari International Franchise, LLC; A New Me, LLC; A New Me Business, LLC; Bouari’s Closet, LLC; Carol Ann Chaney) lost by default a $6.7 million dollar Judgment for fraudulent business activities. | THE FRAUD CASE AGAINST BOUARI FRANCHISE CAN BE VIEWED AT THESE LINKS: | | |,_L LC_et_al | HSUSA C.E.O, Mr. Steven Fitch shared office space in Las Vegas for many years with Emile Bouari. They sold each others products, created and coordinated their marketing and advertising together. Steven Fitch and his brother HSUSA C.O.O Darren Fitch were very much aware of the pending legal action against the Bouari Franchise. | Several Bouari Franchise owners had filed suit in early 2013. The Fitch brothers were even more aware of the 2016 Default Judgment of $6.7 million dollars affecting Mr. Bouari and Carol Ann Chaney who created the Bouari Franchise business. EVERY Bouari Clinic office and other related offices CLOSED, It was NO SECRET to the FITCH brothers. This is a 100% FACT! | Steven and Darren Fitch also can not deny they were NOT aware of the FRAUD ADMISSIONS of Mr. Emile Bouari and Carol Ann Chaney. BUT, despite these facts, the FITCH Brothers have continued to operate the virtual mirror image of the “A NEW ME” / Bouari Franchise products, identical weight loss protocol and business services up to todays date. | 2. HSUSA President Steven Fitch describes in a October 27, 2010 with Sherri Richards of INFORUM.COM the origins of “Spray Your Fat Away” now known as HSUSA. During the interview Steve Fitch verifies they are selling the HCG product and diet protocol created by Carol Ann Chaney of “A New Me”. (Later named Bouari Clinics) | Mr. Fitch states that the “Spray Your Fat Away” products are provided by Mr. Emile Bouari of the Bouari Clinic in Las Vegas. Mr. Fitch also states in the interview he helped the “A NEW ME” weight loss clinic from Las Vegas with their marketing and advertising. After trying the “A New Me” program he lost 27 lbs in 22 days he wanted to start his own weight loss business in his hometown of FARGO and modeled it on the “A New Me” clinics. | Both principal owners of HSUSA, CEO, Steven Fitch and C.O.O. Darren Fitch state very clearly in other interviews and numerous website statements over several years that their business SPRAY YOUR FAT AWAY/HSUSA was based on the “A New Me”/BOUARI CLINIC. THEY OPENLY ADMIT TO USING THE IDENTICAL WEIGHT LOSS PROTOCOL AND THAT THEY SOLD AND PROMOTED THE BOUARI WEIGHT LOSS PRODUCTS. | 3. Steven Fitch makes conflicting claims about the origins of the HSUSA weight loss protocol. Mr. Fitch wrote a testimonial posted on the now expired website that he started his weightloss company using the WLCglobal system in 2010. | This is NOT possible because WLC did not even exist until years LATER! I have already proven in points 1 – 2 above that HSUSA is based on the business model of the A New Me/ Bouari Clinics. The “Spray Your Fat Away” and Healthy Systems USA websites do NOT even mention the WLC product line until late 2013. | Mr. Steven Fitch in 2020 is promoting the WLC product line at this website url, as a turnkey weight loss business that has existed since 2010. The promotional materials mention that the marketing concept is based on the successful model of HSUSA and also claims to have had over 65,000 patients. But on another page of the same website they claim 100,000 patients. | I doubt very much that ANY of these patient/customer figures can be substantiated by HSUSA. This is one of many reasons why the Bouari Clinics Franchise lost the Fraud suit as they had made numerous statements that they could not substantiate. HSUSA is doing the exact same thing. | 4. Emile Bouari actually created the “Weight Loss Company” and incorporated it in his name on March 5th, 2013. It is interesting to note that his website, WLCGLOBAL displayed the 8687 Sahara Las Vegas address. This was the same exact address Emile Bouari had shared with Steven Fitch, Healthy Systems USA until early 2016. | The WLCglobal website was nearly IDENTICAL to the Bouari International Franchise. The timing of the name changes and creation of the WLCglobal website is very interesting. They occur around the same time Bouari Franchise Owners had filed FRAUD charges against Emile Bouari and Carol Ann Chaney. | It is also very interesting that everytime Emile Bouari updated his website, HSUSA updated their website. From 2010 to around 2016 the “I Am A New ME” , “Spray Your Fat Away” , “Healthy Systems USA” , “Bouari Clinic” and the WLCglobal websites looked nearly 100% IDENTICAL. The layout, photos, videos, logo, colors, and the text was nearly word for word. | Fortunately I have preserved these expired websites in numerous screen shots taken from the formerly live sites and also from the internet archives site, Wayback Machine A new version of The WLC Global website has been recreated as the also a virtual mirror image of the Emile Bouari Creation. Please see the video and photo gallery. | 5. Steven and Darren Fitch fail to mention some very significant facts to their customers. Unfortunately for the potential business investor or weightloss customer HSUSA corporate leaders and sales staff FAIL to mention the True origins of HSUSA as covered in 2. above. | The HSUSA staff also never get around to explaining that HSUSA has edited their current website and advertising to remove All mention of Emile Bouari, Bouari Clinics, Bouari Franchise, A New Me, Carol Ann Chaney, the Bouari product photos. Since the $6.7 million default judgment, HSUSA also has made product label and product name changes. | Plus HSUSA have removed their HOME PAGE video with customer testimonials that was IDENTICAL to the Bouari Franchise promotional video. ALL GONE! At one time it was difficult to tell the two websites apart. The Bouari Clinics website and the HSUSA websites were like mirror images. It is very clear, HSUSA does not want their current company profile to be connected to the proven in court FRAUDULENT Bouari Clinics. Fortunately, I have taken screenshots from both live sites to preserve the evidence and from the internet archives: Wayback Machine Please watch the video for full details. | 6. The weight loss Customer Manuals are nearly verbatim! The most significant evidence that HSUSA is Identical to the Fraudulent Bouari Franchise is the weight loss protocol that was originally created by admitted fraudsters Carol Ann Chaney and Emile Bouari . HSUSA is currently actively using the identical BOUARI Protocol and products. | They have simply created a new look. The same products, the same protocol, simply REPACKAGED. The basic concept of the Bouari weight loss MANUAL that was created by Bouari and Chaney BEFORE HSUSA existed is still in use today. The TEXT is nearly verbatim, download and compare the two Manuals Here: | 7. HSUSA has had a SALE everyday since 2013. “ORDER NOW AND SAVE $200” IT IS DOUBTFUL HSUSA HAS EVER SOLD THEIR PRODUCTS FOR THE LISTED RETAIL PRICE of $500+. THE “SALE” IS PERMANENT, AND MISLEADING AT BEST and has been advertised EVERYDAY since the First publication of the website in 2013 | 8. The HSUSA flagship product “HEALTHY START” Is Identical to the Formula created by admitted fraudster Carol Ann Chaney. This key product has had several names, formerly known as “A NEW ME FORMULA”, “ADVANTAGE”, “ADVANCE”, or “WLC ADVANCE” and now in 2020 “HEALTHY START”. It is identical to the original A New ME” / BOUARI CLINICS product. | It was created by admitted fraudster Carol Ann Chaney and later labeled as a Bouari product. It is very simple to compare the ingrediants to the Bouari Product and the current 2020 HSUSA ingredients. Since the $6.7 million dollar default Judgment in 2016 HSUSA has tried to eliminate the connections to Bouari. It is odd that HSUSA still hangs onto the original formula ingredients, it ties them to Bouari without a doubt. Watch the Video! | 9. CUSTOMERS TESTIMONIALS. There are numerous references from HSUSA TV ads and other sources such as Facebook and the HSUSA website. HSUSA claims many photos posted online and on tv ads are actually their customers. But in reality are from the original “A New Me” / Bouari clinics advertising dating at least years before HSUSA was even in existence! | HSUSA has used several before and after photos of individuals where the persons names and weight loss amounts have been changed, more than once. I can NOT prove it, but it is very suspicious that these photos from years ago and originally created for “A New Me / Bouari Clinics” were possibly not even real customers. | It is very possible they are Actors from central casting, or STOCK PHOTO COMPANIES or from Photoshop editing. I would like to depose EVERYONE of the models to determine who THEY thought they were posing for and if they were actualy customers of the products their photos were used to advertise | 10. The ENTIRE HSUSA weight loss protocol of 600 to 800 maximum total daily calorie intake is unrealistic and unsustainable. The highly restrictive menu goes beyond common sense, medical rational and promotes the Homeopathic methodology. | There are many instances where HSUSA clients have failed to achieve their weight loss goals. HSUSA blames the clients for FAILURE if they do not follow the protocol to the letter as the reason for failure. HSUSA claims Failure to lose weight is not due to the use of HSUSA products. HSUSA even states that the HSUSA products alone will NOT provide sufficient weight loss IF the 600 -800 daily calorie intake is NOT MAINTAINED, with or without the HSUSA products. | CONSUMERS have NO RECOURSE, because HSUSA will NOT back their products with any type of return policy or guarantee. IF A CUSTOMER DOES NOT LOSE WEIGHT, HSUSA REFUSES TO PROVIDE ANY TYPE OF REFUND, EXCHANGE, REPLACEMENT, NOTHING! PERIOD! | 11. HSUSA claims their office managers and other staff are HIGHLY trained individuals. The fact is they do not require any educational background in weight loss, fitness or even been a weight loss consumer. The actual training of sales managers consists of learning how fill out forms and process credit card payments, bank deposits and to memorize a 5 minute sales script to present to potential customers who call HSUSA office phone numbers. | The managers job is simple, get the caller to make an in office appointment and sell the products. There is absolutely zero training provided to the HSUSA office managers regarding healthy weight loss or any type of specific product training. There is also NOT one word about the history of HSUSA or who or where the products are manufactured. If you can answer the telephone and read a script, you are qualified! | 12. HSUSA makes numerous unsubstantiated medical and product claims as follows: | A. QUESTION As seen and heard on a TV interview: IS THERE HCG IN THE ADVANCE SPRAY? President of HSUSA, Mr. Steven Fitch replies. “NOT AT ALL, OURS IS 17 HOMEOPATHIC INGREDIENTS THAT BASICALLY MIMICS THE POSITIVE EFFECTS OF HCG” SEE 13,There are 60+ clinical trials that state HCG has NO effect on weight loss! | B. Our formula promotes steady, efficient fat loss preserves and promotes lean muscle mass and boosts energy levels naturally | C. Triggers your brain into releasing your fat to feed you / Triggers your brain into releasing or metabolizing 2,000 calories within the body | D. Provides specific support for liver, gallbladder, colon, spleen, pancreas, thyroid, and other hormone receptors to stimulate healthy weight loss by way of hormonal balance | E. “You do NOT lose MUSCLE on the HSUSA program, you lose FAT ONLY, you will not have LOOSE SKIN.” The following statement is from the HSUSA 2017 Manual. “An important point to note with the Healthy Systems USA system is that when you have dropped for example 16lbs, you have probably lost 14 lbs. of abnormal fat. | Whereas with other diets, when you lose 16 lbs. you could be losing 8 lbs. of lean body mass, 4 lbs. of good fat reserves and 4 lbs. of abnormal fat ” This statement has appeared on the HSUSA website for years. “You lose the Fat, excess water weight BUT no muscle mass. We know this because we’ve seen thousands of people do this program, with no loose skin. Many who have lost 20, 30, & 40 lbs in just as many days” | F. there are drainage remedies within the formula that flush out toxins from the body by stimulating the normal elimination pathways. | G. The Healthy Start Oral Spray regulates and improves the function of organs and glands to optimize hormones that influence metabolism, appetite and energy. | H. If you follow this program correctly, this unique process will positively affect your hypothalamus and metabolism potentially making these results “permanent” | I. Lose up to 30lbs of Fat in 30 days (and keep it off) | HSUSA can not provide one single bit of proof that ANY of their claims A-I are valid. | 13. The entire concept that HCG in any form as being effective regarding weight loss is totally fraudulent. According to over 60+ clinical research trials and scientific peer review studies, HCG has not been proven to provide any effect regarding weight loss. | The trials have shown that actual authentic HCG via injections and or oral type HCG do not provide any difference than a placebo. Since HCG is clinically proven to be ineffective, statements by Steven Fitch, President of Healthy Systems USA that claim their specific weight loss product MIMICS THE POSITIVE EFFECTS OF HCG, in fact has no scientific or medical basis to make such claims. IT IS SIMPLY NOT THE TRUTH! | POSTAL AND WIRE FRAUD | According to USA Postal regulations this is a criminal offense. “The Transfer of a known fraudulent product is a criminal offense” Each time this offense is committed it is punishable by a $10,000 fine and 3 to 5 years in prison. | VIDEO EVIDENCE | ALL Videos links are to Youtube channels created by HSUSA and the Bouari Franchise | SEARCH YOUTUBE with the following keywords: HEALTHY SYSTEMS USA, Bouari Franchise, Bouari Clinics, Spray Your Fat Away. Emile Bouari, WLC, WLCGLOBAL, weight loss company, weight loss concepts, Steven Fitch, Fitchin Productions, Darren Fitch, Carol Ann Chaney. | Bouari Clinic YOUTUBE video links: | | | Compare the following videos. They are nearly 100% identical. Notice the clients in the videos are identical to A NEW ME / Bouari Clinics and Healthy Systems USA / HSUSA, Spray Your Fat Away. It is hard to tell who created the video! | | | | The next video link was used and originally created for the Bouari Franchise. Notice the near identical timing and content to the previous video that Healthy systems usa used for several years. | | | | HSUSA CLAIMS FDA REGISTRATION. What does it really mean? | As of January 2018, the old Bouari Clinics Franchise produced video has been replaced with a Healthy Systems USA production with an actress appearing to be representing a physician. Since the $6.7 million dollar default Judgment of The Bouari Franchise, HSUSA has deleted ALL textual and photographic references to Bouari Clinics, Dr. Carol Ann Chaney, Emile Bouari, “I Am A New Me” and the Bouari Franchise promotional video, ALL ARE GONE! | A BOLD TWIST; HSUSA is claiming their Lab and the “Healthy Start Oral Spray” is a FDA registered product. This is NOT an approval by the FDA of their products. FDA approval requires many years of testing and tens of millions of dollars. FDA REGISTERED simply means the lab where the HSUSA products are manufactured have simply completed a FREE online filing with the FDA providing contact information, addresses, owner names, and product lists. | This is very common, even a simple bottle of cod liver oil capsules are registered. There is NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT THE WORD “REGISTERED” Registering dietary supplements with the FDA is REQUIRED. FDA registration for labs, supplements and other food product manufacturing companies, REGISTERED DOES NOT MEAN THE PRODUCTS ARE APPROVED BY FDA! | The FDA HAS NOT TESTED the HSUSA products or even seen them. The word REGISTERED Basically is meaningless regarding the effectiveness of the HSUSA products and definitely NOT a FDA APPROVAL or endorsement! Unfortunately, the current HSUSA home page video gives the impression to the average consumer that HSUSA products and services are Endorsed by the FDA. HSUSA has even placed a large FDA emblem on their website | A NOVEMBER 2016 FDA ENFORCEMENT POLICY STATEMENT ON MARKETING CLAIMS FOR OTC HOMEOPATHIC DRUGS. | “The FTC Act does not exempt homeopathic products from the general requirement that objective product claims be truthful and substantiated. Nevertheless, in the decades since the commission announced in 1972 that objective product claims must be substantiated.” See the complete Document here: | THE TRUTH ABOUT THE HCG TYPE DIET | There are over 60 clinical trials testing REAL 100% HCG and HCG diet protocols similar to what HSUSA is selling. Plus there are thousands of articles on the internet that state HCG in ANY form has no effect on weight loss. Medically supervised clinical trials verify that these products are no better than a placebo and 100% ineffective! | The trials also verify that the very low calorie requirements of the HCG type diet are the actual cause of any weight loss, and not effected by products consumed. Simply visit the PUBMED website and search HCG. It has been proven to be totally ineffective regarding weight loss. Do your own research, it is very easy to discover the Truth about HCG. | Healthy Systems USA Claims To Be The Fastest Growing Weight Loss Company | HSUSA at one time had 11 total offices but are down to 9 locations. The 2 permanently closed offices are, BOISE IDAHO & GRAND FORKS DAKOTA. Bouari Clinics made the original claim as being the FASTEST WEIGHT LOSS FRANCHISE IN THE USA. | This claim was later made by the Healthy Systems that they were AMAZING and the FASTEST GROWING in early 2013. But since October 4th 2010, the day the first office opened “Spray Your Fat Away/ Healthy Systems USA has only opened a total of 11 office locations and had TWO OFFICE CLOSURES. After nearly 10 years in business, this is NOT VERY SPECTACULAR, AMAZING or FAST! | WHO CREATED THIS REPORT? | This report was created and written by JOHN PHILLILPS a former Healthy Systems USA office manager. I originally moved to IOWA from the Philippines on a temporary basis to help my sister and mother. Both were struggling with CANCER. | I sought employment to pay my living expenses in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The Healthy systems office manager position was advertisted on Craigslist and the office was perfectly located. It was directly across the street from St. Lukes Hospital. This is where my Mother and sister would be receiving medical care. | During the first few weeks of my employment starting in March of 2014 at the HSUSA Cedar Rapids Iowa office, I discovered that there was a court case involving the creator of a weightloss business from Las Vegas. It was called “A New Me” aka Bouari Clinics. At that time Bouari Clinics and “A New Me” did not mean a thing to me and I did not realize HSUSA and Bouari were connected. | Around this same time in early 2014, All the HSUSA managers had a video teleconference with HSUSA president Steven Fitch. In the HSUSA Las Vegas office with Mr. Fitch there is a Mr. EMILE BOUARI talking about a new WLC product. A meal replacement bar, they were trying to come up with a product name. I did several weeks of due diligence with ONLINE searches and discovered a name very familiar to me Mr. EMILE BOUARI. | I discovered that Mr. Emile Bouari had a business addresses that was IDENTICAL to Healthy Systems USA Las Vegas office, my employer! I also learned that the people involved in the court case were people I knew! Emile Bouari on the list that Bouari Franchise owners claimed had committed fraud! | That was when I put 2 and 2 together and that was what helped me decide to write my 1st resignation letter to Healthy Systems USA in May of 2014. I mentioned that my reason to resign was due to my sister’s poor health. This was only partially true, I really wanted to quit the day I found this information. But, The “Spray Your Fat Away C.O.O. , Mr. Darren Fitch contacted me and asked me to stay until they found a office manager replacement. | I also needed time to find another job so I stayed. BUT, the more I researched the more reasons I wanted to get out of Healthy Systems USA. I wrote a Second resignation letter in September of 2014 saying I would be leaving after the first part of 2015. BUT, I was terminated by HSUSA C.O.O. | Darren Fitch in December 2014 because he claimed I was telling potential customers NOT to buy the Healthy Systems products and for telling potential customers if they wanted to try a similar product and weight loss program they could purchase one for $50 from another online company instead of the Healthy Systems USA program at the cost of $400+. | I feel bad I was involved in selling Healthy Systems USA products and services knowing much more now in 2020 than I did in 2014. If I had the information that is in this report back in 2014 I am sure I could saved many people from getting ripped off. In March of 2015 I had an unemployment hearing where I was denied benefits. | I stated in my hearing that I thought HSUSA customers were getting ripped off, by mentioning 1 person specifically. I am sure the unemployment hearing would have turned out much differently, especially If I could have produced THIS report at that time. After my mother and sister both passed away in 2014 and 2015, I moved back to the Philippines on July 14th, 2015. | REFERENCES & SOURCES | Steve Fitch interview on inforum website mentioning Emile Bouari , Bouari Clinics, A New Me, Dr. Carol Ann Chaney and the Bouari HCG products. | USA government websites from the FDA, FTC and the FCC, | Nevada and Dakota state license and incorporation registration websites | USA Government website PUBMED | Internet Archives Website: archived screenshots of HSUSA, Bouari Clinics, A New Me, WLCGlobal, HSUSADistribution websites. | Interviews of previous Healthy systems USA managers, customers and photographic models | Current Live website screenshots of Healthy systems USA | Youtube Videos created by the Healthy systems USA Channel and Bouari Clinics Channel | HSUSA 2020 Oral Spray Ingredients compared ari Bottle Label Ingredients

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