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I am now Full Blown Handicapped

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Published: 11 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

These will help you listen precisely whether it is a whisper or a loud TV show is the claim made by the Company but what you get is a worsen situation. I went from a moderate hearing loss to profoundly deaf wearing Hearing Assist ReCharge Hearing Aids. These devices only magnify the volume which is it only adjust the high pitched volume low and a low pitched volume high but it does nothing to help you hear any better. It has literally become a nightmare, I was doing fine before ordering these I thought that it would help me hear better and will also help in aiding the ongoing hearing situation but what it did is totally opposite. I can’t watch movies, listen to music or go to play with the friends. The Church services and sporting events are extremely painful . If I turn down the volume I go totally deaf and if I turn the volume high there are bells start ringing in my head. Conversations are extremely difficult unless the person I am talking to starts to yell.
And please be aware that the rechargeable batteries do not work. I have had the hearing aid for less than a year and have three set of rechargeable batteries. The provider charges $50 for replacement batteries no other rechargeable batteries work with them and they are not even available on internet .
They have stopped working several times since the purchasal and I have to reset app and their customer service is also the worst, first it caught me hell to even talk to them because they do not pick up the call and when they did I told them that they are not working properly they told me to not to wear them while sweating, I sweat all the day so they want me not to wear me them ever ,ha what a joke.
Thanks to Hearing Assist ReCharge Hearing Aids my problem now became a full blown handicap.

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