Heather Hoffman

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Heather Hoffman is a pathetic cold bitch

Heather Hoffman is a horrible excuse for a human being. She’s been having an affair with a married woman for the past two years. She will tell you she’s straight, but don’t buy it for one moment. She spent years sneaking around with a woman who was originally happily married to her lesbian life partner. But Heather doesn’t regret even one day about what her actions are doing to a family.
She’s old enough to be a grandmother, and yet she doesn’t spare a single thought for any of the kids involved. She hoped the woman would leave her wife for her, but that didn’t happen. So she sent screenshots of their conversations to the wife. Maybe it was the fault of the woman who cheated too. But this bitch went after someone knowing fully well she was married and had kids too. And then she humiliated the wife in public.
This horrible person will fuck anything that moves, so watch your men and women. Try to confront her though? She will run and hide like the little coward she is. She smokes a lot of pot and drinks regularly too. Still, she works as a nurse. I hope to God no one I know ever has to be taken care of by her!

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