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Published: 29 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Order date: February 3rd 2014 and still waiting: 1 week shy of 6 months. Product: Dark brown, ’18” deluxe extension set’. Cost: $339.99 USD. Product Status: No product recieved or the refund I asked for. Production time: quoted directly from Shannons website. “Each gorgeous extension set is meticulously made by hand in the sequence of orders placed. Our gorgeous Deluxe extension sets take us a minimum of 30 business days ( a minimum of 6+ weeks ) to create.” Hi i’m writing from Australia and I’m a former loyal customer of owner Shannons hair extension company, Hello Gorgeous Hair Extensions and I ordered the ’18” deluxe’ extension set in dark brown’ with Rush delivery for a total of $339.99 USD on 03/02/14. On the 14th of march I sent a friendly email to shannon asking when my extensions will be ready and to my dismay I heard nothing. On March 22nd I saw alot of negative feedback on Hello Gorgeous Hair Extensions Facebook wall and that made me anxious, so I sent a private message over facebook. Again, Nothing. So on April 11th, I sent another message over facebook explaining how I hadn’t heard anything and that I was worried and disappointed with the companys lack of cummunication and customer service, and how I would feel better cancelling my order with them. To my surpise, I got a swift response back saying they will send me an email and check my inbox. and here’s what Shannon sent me. “I am also so sorry for the delay. There was a delay on them because a shipment was lost by a shipping company, from our satellite office, to our main office, so my staff has been working crazy overtime in our main office to remake all the extensions that were lost. I foolishly asked all of my team to help with production on the lost shipment and some emails/messages were not answered in a timely fashion. I dropped the ball on that and could not be more sorry! Please except my sincerest apologies on this delay! It was completely out of our control but I feel absolutely terrible about it! I am working like crazy, so I am here to answer any questions you may have!! You will receive an email with tracking when we ship! Thank you again! 🙂 Shannon” As soon as I got this email, I was back on board with believing in the company. Her response was reassuring, honest and all round satisfying for me. I like to think I’m a fair person, and I actually felt bad for her. so i left things at that. and I took her word. 29th of April, I responded to her email asking for an update as she said “I am here to answer any questions you may have!!” but I didn’t get any response. May 27th, I send another private facebook message stating my email was ignored and how I would like an update, adding i’ve been more than patient. I got nothing back. June 4th, I was upset and kind of over the uncertainty, I sent an email but it got bounced back, i got an error message, the type that implies the companys inbox was too full. So i decided to take a more direct approach and post on her facebook wall explaining how I feel. how I still haven’t received my order or any response since her explanation april 11. how I felt a fair amount of time had passed and that my email got bounced back. How I’ve been extremely patient and forgiving but I’ve honestly had enough. How I’m feeling like I’ve been jibbed due to the lack of customer service and length of time. How At this point, I’m no longer interested in anymore drawn out un-concrete hopes of receiving my product, How I just want to arrange to get my money back. …And How In my eyes, this is not how a professional should execute a competent business. Now: June 27th. Filing a complaint. Fraud claim papers from my bank. Disappointed. I’ve heard nothing since my post, infact, I’m fairly certain I’m the ONLY one who can see my feedback on the companys facebook wall. This companys website shophellogorgeoushairextensions.com and Facebook page is both deceptive and deceitful. Shannon in my experience has proven herself to be a liar and con-artist. Through this disappointing experience, She has lost a former loyal customer and I am deeply disappointed as I had to fork out more money elsewhere for the same product. I only wish to inform others to be cautious, especially since her products are rather expensive. I hope this report gives curious buyers some insight into what they’re getting themselves into, if they were to pursue business with Shannon and her company, Hello Gorgeous Hair Extensions.

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