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Published: 18 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Hem over Heels is a sewing/ alterations, shoe repair and knife sharpening store in Boynton Beach, FL., on Jog Road, between Boynton Beach Blvd. & Woolbright Road. It’s in the shops at Woolbright shopping center near a publix supermarket. | I called this store in February 2016 to ask if they had the large plastic shoe taps, which hold 5 nails. I buy very expensive sneakers only available by mail order, so I make them last longer by putting taps on the heals. I’ve done this for over 30 years. When I called, the owner, Josh told me he had these. | When I went there, I brought 2 pairs of sneakers. What was unusual about this place is that there was a young woman at the front desk, and the owner Josh and another worker hide in the back behind a curtain. I told the woman at the desk, Brenda, where exactly I wanted the taps placed. She brought them to the rear, and after a long wait, Josh came out with them. He came out and started to lecture me with an attitude, that I should have told the woman what size taps I wanted. He said he only knew what size I wanted because I had just called. I told him it’s his job to ask me what size I wanted as well. He tells me that if I didn’t call or tell him what I wanted, he would have put the smaller ones with 3 nails on them. This is unheard of where I come from, and I’ve lived in the U.S. for 57 years. He was not born here. He does that because the smaller ones are cheaper. You don’t put smaller taps on a men’s shoe. That showed me he’s either inexperienced at what he does, or just a cheap person who wants to give the customer the cheapest product for the money. I immedialy saw that the taps were not where I directed her to place them. Either she never bothered to tell Josh where I wanted them placed, or he just didn’t care. I was in a rush for another appointment, so I paid Josh and ran out. | After I got home, I saw that he put the taps on the rear center, instead of where I showed Brenda, which was on the sides, where I wear the heals out. On the new pair, the manufacturer changed the heel design, and made the heel turn up. This idiot, besides putting the taps on the wrong place, put the new pair taps on the very turned up edge, with the taps sticking away from the heel. I knew if I caught the edge of the tap on anything, it would rip out. I couldn’t believe how stupid he could be. | I decided to wear the first pair anyway, but was not going to settle for his ridiculous work on the 2nd pair. On 2-25-16 I brought them back. I told his desk person ( because he hides in the back ) the problem. She took them away with a nasty look, and brought them to him. He came out nasty and said, ” What’s the problem ? ” I told him that he put them in the wrong place, and they would definitly pull out. I showed him where I wanted them placed, on the flat part of the heel, on the sides. He took them away with a nasty look, and I waited for him to repair them, again behind his curtain. | He came out with them, and again, he placed them in the wrong area ! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He placed them this time half on the flat part of the sole, and half sticking up on the curved up part. I told him this is not what I wanted. He now starts arguing with me, telling me where they should be. It was like dealing with the ” soup n**i ” on the Seinfeld show. He was telling me what I should get. I told him where I wanted them placed. I have been wearing taps on sneakers for decades, and know where they should be for me. He walked away nasty, again behind his curtain. | While I was waiting, an elderly couple came in with a stack of pants. They asked Brenda how much they charged for hemming the pants. She told them is was $15 each. When I heard this I knew this was high because I pay only $10 at another tailor in the area. The woman told Brenda the price was too high and they walked out. brenda made no effort to give these elderly people a discount. As they were walking out, the husband said ” This place is robbing people. ” All I could think was that in the 15 minutes I was there, this owner made 3 enemies who would never come back – that couple and me. | When Josh came out from his iron curtain the 3rd time, he banged my sneakers down on the counter, and then opened the cash register, and gave me back my money. I looked at the sneakers, and this SOB pulled out the taps, leaving me with 10 holes in each of the sneakers. This was his way of saying get out of my store with your sneakers. Hence the ” soup n**i . ” | This man, Josh is the most lazy, rude, disrestpectful, arrogant slob I’ve ever encountered. How he maintains a business here is an unsolved mystery. I spent many years in retail when I was young, and what I was taught everywhere back in the 70’s & 80’s is your job in a store is to please the customer, and the customer is always right, no matter what you think of them. If I ever treated a customer like this I would have been fired. But because he owns the business he thinks he can get away with this attitude. Thank God there are many other shoe repair places in my area, and I don’t have to go back to this lowlife. Do not go to this store, unless you want your repairs his way instead of your way.

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