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Published: 17 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have two stories about this place, and if you still want to live there after you read them, you’re insane…or desperate – probably this one, as it’s how they get their clients – it’s how they got me and my fiancee. | The first story is mine. I lived it and it was stupid. (See another post for the other.) | I started my lease there on 8/01/2011. When my friend & I moved in, we filled out the card thing that states what damage exists when you move in. None of the things we listed were ever fixed during the rest of the time we lived there (8/11-8/13). This included a wand that opens the blinds. We had to turn the little screw hook by hand to pull it to the side to open the blinds on the sliding glass door. | At one point in ’12, the kitchen in the unit above ours flooded. This caused damage to our ceiling and carpet. The damaged carpet was cut out and not replaced for 4 months! | We had to move some furniture and other stuff aside so water would stop leaking on it. | When HW employees came in, they said our stuff was “a fire hazard” because of how it was arranged – the stuff that was only like that because there was water seeping through the ceiling. | Also in March ’12, our garbage disposal started leaking water whenever we ran the water in the sink or used the dishwasher. We called to report it & were told that it wasn’t a big thing and that they would send someone out whenever they had time. 2 weeks later this still wasn’t fixed. We called again and they sent someone out 2 days later who then told us we violated the rules for not reporting the leak ASAP. WHAT?! We’d already called and they didn’t care! | In September ’12, the pipe that empties our AC of moisture clogged up. This caused water to spill from the ceiling all over the hallway. Maintenance came out quickly to fix the issue and said they’d come by to replace the damaged ceiling panel (it’s a drop ceiling in the hallway where the AC is) in a few days. They never came back to fix it, so we called them once a month about it… We lived there until 8/13 and only in July ’13, when we called about ANOTHER issue someone finally said “Oh, let me fix that for you.” He never came back to fix it, either. | In the March ’13, I was at my computer working on some photos and I looked outside and saw this guy in a HW shirt taking pics of the deck. I ran out to ask him what he was doing. I tried to talk to him, but he ignored me and ran back to his truck, jumped into it and sped off. Determined to figure out WTF just happened, I paid a visit to the maintenance shack around the corner. | Inside the maintenance shack, I found the man who was taking pictures. He was in charge! | I stated what happened and he asked for my address. I said to him, “You know where I live, you were just there taking pictures and ran away from me.” He stated to me that none of that ever happened and asked for my address again. Upon giving him my address, he informed me that my deck was “misused because it contains several non-outdoor items.” I was very confused about this statement because the only things on my deck were plants, a camp chair, a patio chair, and a cooler, and told him that I didn’t understand. | He then printed out some crappy pictures (looked like a cell phone camera from ’02 took them) and started pointing at things on them. The first thing he pointed to was my patio chair, to which he said of, “This here is some sorta kitchen chair. That’s not appropriate for your deck. You can only have outdoor items and outdoor furniture on your deck.” | I rolled my eyes and informed him that it was, in fact, a patio chair and part of a set of patio furniture that I had purchased in an OUTDOOR department of a store. | He replied to me telling me that it was made of wood and thus it was not an outdoor chair. | I then informed him that it was actually made of metal and painted brown, thus making it an outdoor chair. (And you see, these are the kinda idiots you have to deal with here! Instead of gathering FACTS about things, they simply observe and assume things based on a cursory observation! Instead of coming onto my deck to look at the chair, he took a photo of it from 40 feet away.) | Since he couldn’t get me on that, he then pointed to my cooler and told me that it wasn’t an acceptable item for a deck. I was shocked. SHOCKED. “A cooler isn’t an outdoor item? I only use it when camping or picnicking. It gets covered in mud. Surely it would be best to store it on the deck instead of inside on the carpet where it would get mud everywhere.” | “No, you cannot store a cooler on your deck. You should put it in your storage space.” | I showed him my key and informed him that it didn’t actually work for the storage space. His response to this was that my key was a copy, and that I was illegally subletting. I informed him that my name was on the lease and tried to show him my ID. He refused to look at it and kept accusing me. He kept telling me “WE DON’T USE THOSE KEYS HERE!” | After some back and forth, he demanded to see my ID after first refusing to look at it, telling me he’d throw me out immediately (illegal) if I didn’t show it to him. Once he realized I lived there (at least, my ID had the address on there – he didn’t check to see if my name matched the one on file), he calmed down and asked another guy there to make me a new key… | So the guy there made me a new key which was identical to my key. And then said to the supervisor, “Actually, we do use those types of keys.” | The supervisor shrugged his shoulders. No apology. | After we moved out, we received some of our security deposit back, but not all of it. The reasons we didn’t receive all of it was because the ceiling panel in the hallway was missing – the one damaged by a failed A/C unit… The one they were supposed to replace for over a year. Also listed was some stains on the carpet in the living room – where the water had dripped from the apartment above and left a water stain. I DEFINITELY feel ripped off for not getting all of the money back over two issues that were not caused by us.

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