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Published: 16 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The facts are they that you still owe many of us money and we all make repeated and continuous attempts to reach you in regard to payment. Some have even offered you settlements only to hear silence on your end. You hide behind your cellphone voicemail like a coward, and have absolutely no intention of paying your debts to employees/contractors. Regardless of your fancy description of your background, you are a crooked Multi-Level Marketer (think Pyramid Scheme people), and your technology is antiquated at best. You have not turned a profit and the company only exists as a vehicle to raise money to support an extravagant lifestyle. Your company has changed focus so many times that you probably don’t even know which direction you are going, but this doesn’t stop you from spending and continuing to raise more funds through false hopes and empty promises. You are a crook and a coward, and I am confident that my testimony will paramount in your prosecution. Also, you man want to keep in mind that if you were doing legitimate business and now screwing people that there would be no need for boiler plate responses like the one listed here.

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