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Published: 25 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

For those who are considering going to see Dr. Henry Spinelli, I share my genuiness in hopes of bringing great awareness of this doctor, so you will not be in the same position as me. So please read this. Dr. Henry Spinelli is an incompetent, disgraceful oculoplastic/plastic surgeon who ruined my face, and I am only a young adult mind you. The conservative procedure I had wanted, resulted in new unwanting issues. And to boot, he is a charming scam artist who robbed me of my money by doing an additional unneccesary procedure I did not initially come in for (additional $3,000), and I am also shelling out more money to correct whatever damage I can. Also, in order to get a copy of my medical photographs, the office charged me a a substantial fee which I paid for, which I recently found out is atypical and currently disputing b/c perhaps this is illegal.So, if you are considering this doctor, I can not urge you enough to STAY AWAY because he is very care-free in his approach and does not have your best intentions at heart. He is unequivocally unskilled and is a scammer only in it for the money, which is ludicrous because certain things are not reversible. This is your face, your life and your money! And please do not be fooled by him being located off of ritzy 5th avenue or the hiring of good PR. Its the final outcome that proves everything and I know now there are others who have suffered. As for his office staff-Jennifer and Debra, they are horrible too because they are his shield. After some time, when it became apparent that he messed up my face, I decided to call the office in hopes of booking an appointment- for the purpose of confronting him to show what he did. I felt it would be cathartic for me and perhaps by him seeing this before his eyes, he would feel guilty. Although I did not convey all this over the phone when I had callled and simply asked for a consultation, they knew that I was not a new patient looking to have a procedure done and probably sensed that there was a level of dissatisfaction. I also knew at this point that there seemed to have been a trend with complaint of his work, so Im sure this was not something new to them. So the warm friendly staff that they once were, became rude and unaccommodating, by purposely saying that they couldn’t schedule me for an appointment in more than 2 months!! And with no remorse. Having a good inclination that they were being biased and not giving me proper treatment as a patient, I had my friend call the office to see what would happen if she blindly made an appointment. Sure enough, she was able to book within a week. When I called back to get an explanation as to why there was a substantial time difference in me getting an appointment than my friend, there was no reasonable defense. The illogical reasoning that was given was that she was a new patient which takes precedence. So obviously they dont care about anything long term with any of its patients. Ironically, the protocol of any visit involves an intial consultation,so it really makes no difference in that regard. Lastly, it would typically make sense and be righteous that an older patient would have a greater opportunity to see the doctor first, but because I was not beneficial for them anymore because they got their money already and the damage was done, they felt it was ok to be unethical and discriminate. This is technically not just unfair, but illegal. In conclusion, regardless of the damage I have endured on my face, or the hardship now of undoing the damage, I will not compromise my integrity and will do whatever I can to spread the word on this awful doctor. Dr. Henry M. Spinelli in NYC. .

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