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Published: 23 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I ordered a class ring for my son graduating in 2017. I was told sculptured palm side was free for magnet students. I ordered a 14k gold class ring for a total of 874.44 they sent me a revised bill they highlighted the small bottom that said This order is subject to audit, in case of error, the price will be corrected. This is how they do their bait and switch they also photocopied my orginal bill they whited out the N/C for sculptured side and put in 35 dollars. They also changed a price for the stone which they told me was a $100 now is $80.00 they highlighted this change with yellow highlighter what they didnt highlight is they whited out the box that said 14k like it was not even there but I have orginal and its small they didnt highlight this change at all hoping I wouldnt notice and then darkened in the circle above with 10k. They tried to draw my attention to the new price which was slightly higher by $16. 00 and act all innocent like they were doing me a favor by crediting me $20 on the stone while tacking on 35.00 they said was free for magnet students but someone whited out that box that said 14k completely like it wasnt even a choice and darken in 10K thinking they are pulling fast one. They dont know me I will make sure the school every single newspaper and radio station and anyone that will listen about their shady practices. If you could see these two forms you would see they knew exactly what they are doing. .

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