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Messed up my root canal! Regret going here! Please be alert!

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Published: 01 June 2019

Posted by: Jerry

I want to clarify one thing before I start, I have never written such a post in my whole life but Hernas Dental clinic forced me to do so. Their unbelievably poor service and lack of common sense have led me to write this painful post. I would request everyone to read the whole post and share it with your friends and family who reside in Davenport, Washington.

So I went to Hernas Dental clinic for a regular checkup. I would have come here if my usual doctor was in town, however, he had to go to New York to run some personal errands and Hernas Dental clinic was nearby my location. I booked an appointment over the phone and went to the clinic 30 minutes before the appointment. The place was a mess, there was dirty all over the place and a medical building should be clean. I had to wait for 45 minutes because the receptionist forgot to call me in for the appointment. I went to the doctor’s room and he did a simple examination. He had a very serious look on his face which caused me to worry. I asked him what’s wrong and without answering my question he told me that he will have to do an X-Ray. I got even more worried because, for the past 3 years, I never had to get a dental X-ray because I take care of my oral health. He took an X-Ray and looked even more worried and concerned now. He told me that I have two cavities in my teeth and I will have to get the healed as soon as possible, otherwise, it might turn into a periodontal infection. He got me an appointment for the next day for two root canals and crowns. The next day when I went to the clinic, the main doctor wasn’t available and I had to wait for 2 hours after which he arrived and simply said,” Sorry”. He did the procedure and I was happy with it, one thing I remember now is that he didn’t show me the mirror where I can check how exactly I looked. This scenario took place 4 months ago and last week I was feeling some serious pain in my teeth. I went to my usual doctor and after doing a small checkup he told me that I have two untreated cavities which have infected my gums. This got me suspicious and I showed him the X-Rays from the Hernas Dental clinic and he cracked up! He told me that the doctor at Hernas Dental clinic has done the root canal therapy on the WRONG TEETH! Even he couldn’t believe it! It was extremely shocking for me, I paid a lot of money for two root canals and the moron did the therapy on the wrong tooth. Please stay away from this shitty clinic, I don’t think there is any benefit of getting a root canal on the wrong tooth.

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