Hertz Rent A Car

Hertz Rent A Car

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Published: 17 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I fell ill and ended up in the hospital. I ended up having my left leg amputated along with all my right toes. My wife didn’t have reliable transportation to get to and from the hospital so she rented from Hertz a few different times. She rented one vehicle for over 70 days. | Every time she rented, she left our Toyota pickup parked in the back of their property out of the way of anything and with their permission. When she called to let them know she was going to return the car she was told by the local rep that ‘corporate’ was going to charge her for storage of our truck. She said “bullsh*t”! That was never discussed at any time. She told the rep she wouldn’t pay that and said “I dare them!” | Well…when she returned the car she found that our truck had been broken into AND the battery was stolen. She immediately called AAA for a tow. AAA asked what was wrong with the vehicle she told them the battery was gone. So AAA claimed it was dismantled or something to that nature and it wasn’t covered! | At that point she informed the rep that she would need a few days to get assistance getting the vehicle since her husband, myself, was recovering from amputation. The rep said it would be fine until she could make arrangements to get the vehicle. | Two days later she called to say she was coming to get it. She asked the rep to check and be sure it was there. It was not! | She asked if it was towed. He said not that he knew of. She called CHP and was informed it was towed. | I was recovering from a life-changing surgery and she didn’t know what to do since we were absolutely broke. We decided to wait for notification from the lien holder and then fight it. | Unfortunatley, the letter wasn’t sent certified and we didn’t get it until it was past the ten day window to protest it. | So my pickup, which was my deceased father’s and was priceless to me, was sold at auction. She’s now driving one of their rentals and using all the Gold Club points she accrued over all this. | She’s afraid to tell me the situation but I’m pretty sure she’s out of points and just racking up ANOTHER bill we can’t afford. Unfortunately, we don’t have any options since they screwed is out of our vehicle. | They did this knowing full well I was just out of the hospital after having my leg and toes removed! Who does that?!?!?

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